An Introduction to Sussex Hardwood Floor Oil Coatings & Maintenance

Learn how to keep on top of your flooring

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So, you have your brand new and freshly sanded Sussex hardwood floor, but now you’re wondering how to maintain it?

Installing a hardwood floor is a long-term commitment, unlike carpet or other laminate flooring options which are easy but don’t look nearly as nice, a beautifully laid wood floor that has a character all of its own that needs to be maintained to keep it looking as good as the day it was installed.


Maintaining Your Flooring

Any flooring needs maintenance, but if you’ve never had hardwood floors it can be a bit of a learning curve.

There are two main options for maintenance, lacquers, and oils. Here at Sussex Floor Restoration, our preference is to use oils to help with the maintenance because they have several benefits over lacquer finishes that need to be replaced every 5-10 years at great expense and disruption to you.

Using oil has been a traditional method of finishing and protecting wood for thousands of years, and the reason it’s still so popular is that it lasts so well, and oils won’t detract from the natural beauty and grain of the wood you’re using.


Oils For Hardwood Floors

We use oils that are specifically designed to help your floor look its best for as long as possible, and many of our oils are great for floors that have recently been sanded too.

Flooring in any area of your home, workplace, or hall can take a beating on the best of days. Chairs, shoes, equipment, furniture, everything is putting pressure on your flooring and can lead to unsightly scratches and dents, especially on lacquered floors.

With oiled flooring, these imperfections will be minimised, and the wood protected from accidental water spills and scratches for much longer.

Oil coatings on hardwood floors are fully maintainable, needing a touch-up or a reoil every few years to keep it in good condition and help protect from dirt build-up.


Reoils, Sanding, and Cleaning

Reoils usually involve a deep clean, which will freshen up the look of your flooring and keep that natural beauty of the wood grain shining through, and, when done correctly, an oil touch up or reoil will protect the flooring for many years, avoiding the need for a costly re-sand.

As a bonus, if your flooring has been re-sanded several times and is getting to the end of it’s sanding life, a reoil can help to extend the life of the wood, meaning you won’t need to pay out for a new floor for much longer than anticipated!

To ensure your oiled hardwood floors stay in the best condition possible, you will need to do some maintenance on them. This handy five-step guide to caring for your oiled wood floor details all of the information you’ll need to keep your flooring in great condition, especially if you want to avoid having to re-sand your Sussex hardwood floor now or in the future!


Oil Application and Touch-Ups

The last benefit of oils that we’ll touch on is how oils can be applied to your flooring in stages.

For most of our Sussex based flooring customers, whether they are homeowners, schools, or even offices, the very idea of needing to have their entire flooring sorted out fills them with dread! Moving all of the furniture and then having the room or area off-limits for the best part of a day or more while things dry can cause a huge amount of disruption, especially for commercial clients for which time is money!

With lacquers, you’ll be looking at waiting 4 hours for the lacquer to dry and up to 5 days for it to cure, time that most people just don’t have. Added to that it’s very hard to blend lacquers and you’ll usually need to do the entire room or area at the same time to ensure an even finish.

With oils, that worry is a thing of the past! Oils take around 3 hours to dry and a further 24 hours to cure, using a single coat or two coat product, and we can blend in oiled areas much easier, meaning you can have sections done at a time rather than needing to clear the entire area at once.


Hardwood Floor Maintenance and Floor Restoration In Sussex

Here at Sussex Flooring Restoration, we do offer both lacquered and oiled finishes for our hardwood flooring and parquet flooring restoration options.

For some customers, lacquering is actually better than oiling, but we take every one of our customers on a case by case basis, ensuring that you get the right finish for your room or area and your lifestyle.


Give our friendly team a call today on 01444 810505 to discuss your Sussex hardwood floor and it’s requirements, or click here to send us a message.


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