Oil Floor Finish – Hardwood Flooring

Oil Floor Finish – Hardwood flooring

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If something isn’t broken, then why fix it? Protecting wood with oils has been a practice for thousands of years across the world. If you have a hard wood floor, then an oil finish is arguably the best tried and tested option for you.

Hardwood floors are common in virtually all types of settings. Whether it be in your home, at the office, a school or anywhere else for that matter, we have a wealth of experience in protecting and restoring all types of wood flooring.

There are various options to go for when it comes to adding a layer of protection to your floor. Lacquers are a great solution for many, and something that we pride ourselves on. In this blog though, we’re here to tell you why we love oils!

To start us off, let’s have a look at just how good oiled floors can look

Getting started

Oiling your wooden flooring isn’t just a maintenance measure, it’s something you should look at doing if you have had a hardwood floor newly installed too. See it as the first line of protection, and as it begins to succumb to general wear and tear, all it takes is a simple re-oiling and it’s as good as new again!

Oil coatings from us are fully maintainable, much like a wooden worktop, and every few years we can deep clean and reoil your floor to help protect from wear and dirt build up.

We can also repair your floor when it’s oiled by us and extend the life of the coating for many years. This, aside from being easily maintained, goes a long way to you avoiding a costly re-sand.

Maintaining your oiled floor

Oiling is very good for floors that have been sanded a few times already. Generally, if we’ve oiled your floor then often it won’t need another sand after. Looking after your floor will significantly lessen the chance of you needing a future re-sanding. To make sure you’re keeping on top of your wooden floor maintenance we’d suggest giving us a call for a professional recommendation. If we can save you unnecessary costs, then we absolutely will! In the meantime, take a look at this five step guide for caring for your oiled wood floor by clicking here.

Oiling in a home setting

If you have multiple rooms, but don’t have the space to get them all done at once, that’s not a problem.

Unlike lacquers, we can join up and blend in oils from multiple rooms. We even do a floor a section at a time, thus avoiding the question “where will I put all my furniture?”

You can get back to using your floor quicker with oils than you perhaps could with other protective solutions. It only takes a single coat or two, meaning we can finish your floor quicker, with a 3-hour dry time and 24-hour cure time. In a home environment, this is usually much more convenient than the 4-hour dry and 5-day cure time for lacquers. This way you can get back to using your floor as quickly as possible.

We offer both oil and lacquered finishes, and both coatings will be fully explained during any quotes we may do. Each has their benefits, with both the type of floor and your lifestyle being taken into consideration from the start.

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To find out more about our protective wood floor solutions and services, please click here. If you’d prefer to talk with our friendly team instead, please call on – tel: 01444 810505

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