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Sussex Floor Restoration use a unique and thorough process to get the best results for your floor restoration. We take the utmost pride in our work, and that’s reflected in final results for your flooring.

Learn more about the way we work and how it can get you the result you want for your floor.

Step One


The first step is for you to get in contact with one of the Sussex Floor team, whether that’s by giving us a call on 01444 810505, or using the contact form on our contact page here.

Either Adam or Ross will follow up with you as soon as possible, to ask you questions and get a scope for the enquiry.

We’ll then book the next step, the quote & survey.

Step Two

Quote & Survey

At the Quote & Survey stage, we listen to the customers needs and assess any existing damage, damp or extraneous factors that could affect the quote.

We’ll then work up the technical requirements of the job, which will give you a better insight into how we’ll fix your floor.

Finally, we’ll give you instructions to prepare your space for the work – usually this will involve clearing furniture etc.

Step Three

The Works

To begin with, we’ll be sanding down the existing flooring to get a nice even surface.

Then depending on the service, we may fill the gaps in the floor.

We will then apply your desired finish.

How long this takes will depend on the scale of the work and size of the room.

Step Four


With Sussex Floor Restoration , the job isn’t over once we’ve completed our work.

We also try to put you in the best position to take care of your new flooring.

With that in mind, we’ll provide you with aftercare guides from Pallman, the industry’s leading authority on wood flooring.

the Results

See for yourself how incredible your floor could look at the end of our floor restoration process!

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