Case Study – The Thatched Inn, Sussex

In 2020, amidst the challenges faced by business owners in Sussex, there were also opportunities to upgrade and improve workplace environments with minimal disruption.

With many commercial properties experiencing reduced usage throughout the year due to COVID-related restrictions, it provided a window of opportunity for companies like ours to perform extensive floor restorations without inconveniencing customers or employees.

This specific case study focuses on the remarkable transformation carried out by Sussex Floor Restoration at a local pub in Hassocks, known as The Thatched Inn. Below, you can explore the nature of the work we undertook, view ‘before and after’ images, and watch an impressive testimonial video!

Case Study

During the initial national lockdown, David Simmons, who is the owner of The Thatched Inn, reached out to us with a request to restore the wooden floor in the pub’s barroom. We were more than willing to take on this task, especially considering it was an ideal opportunity to carry out the restoration while the pub remained empty.

This project presented several challenges because the floor had not received any attention for nearly three decades. Restoring a hardwood floor that has lacked regular maintenance is always a demanding task. Over the years, the floor had endured extensive foot traffic, including wear and tear from tables and chairs. Moreover, it had also endured its fair share of spilled drinks. Right from the beginning, we knew we had a challenging project on our hands.

We were tasked with restoring this visibly worn and discoloured hardwood floor with a finish that brought the room up to date and back to life.

To begin with, we sanded a test patch and applied a few different choices of coatings. This gave the client an opportunity to choose a coating and a good idea of the finished project.

Sanding the entire floor meant we were able to remove the previous coating and any damage where possible. We then applied a commercial-grade hard-wearing lacquer that David had picked from the test patch.

Despite the various challenges faced with restoring this hardwood floor, it has turned out fantastic! David was incredibly happy with the finish we were able to provide, so much so he was kind enough to leave us a video testimonial.

Just take a look at the contrast in the before and after photos below.

Click here to see David’s Testimonial Video!

If you would like to find out more about this project or find out how our services can help rejuvenate your commercial or domestic hardwood floor, please click here. Alternatively, you can speak with one of our friendly and expert team by calling – tel: 01444 810505

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