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See how our process has improved these gorgeous homes. 

At Sussex Floor Restoration we’ve been taking care of some of the most beautiful residences in Sussex. 

From Georgian, Victorian to Tudor and more, the team at Sussex Floor are passionate about breathing new life into your home.   

As what we do is very visual, we felt you may benefit from a showcase of some of the unique floor restoration projects we have been working on.

Take a look through the before and after photos from some of our favourite hardwood floor restoration projects below.

Blatchington Mill

We were tasked with restoring this floor due to its poor condition, which included numerous boards that needed replacing.

The board ends had broken due to lack of support, so we replaced them with new supports underneath.

Furthermore, we thoroughly sanded the floor to eliminate the old line markings and repair any visible damage.

Finally, we applied a durable commercial lacquer system, including new painted sports lines, to ensure that this hall performs effectively for many years.

Heathfield college

The school requested an assessment of their dining hall floor, which consisted of a worn-out tropical hardwood parquet. It appeared that the floor had never been restored in the school’s memory.

To revitalise the floor, we conducted a thorough sanding process and then applied a robust, commercial lacquer system.

This treatment was specifically designed to provide protection against spills and accidents, ensuring the floor’s durability and longevity.

St Luke's Church, Brighton - BeforeSt Luke's Church, Brighton - After
St Luke's Church, Brighton - BeforeSt Luke's Church, Brighton - After

St Luke's church, brighton

Working on this project was truly fascinating. The church approached us to assess their floor after it was identified as a safety concern in an inspection report.

Upon inspection, we discovered that numerous blocks were loose and being held down by tape. Additionally, removing most of the pews proved to be a challenge.

To address these issues, we decided to flood the floor with a liquid adhesive, ensuring a secure re-cementation of the loose blocks.

Following this step, we carried out a comprehensive sanding process to achieve a smooth surface, and finally, applied a 2k lacquer system for added protection and aesthetic enhancement.

Raw Finish Pine

The customer expressed their desire to move away from the natural orange/yellow hue of pine and opt for a more contemporary appearance.

To fulfill their request, we undertook a comprehensive process of sanding and repairing the floor. Subsequently, we applied a 2k Pure lacquer system, which not only preserved the freshly sanded Scandinavian look but also provided exceptional durability.

This approach allowed us to achieve the desired contemporary aesthetic while ensuring that the floor would withstand the test of time.

Oak Parquet - BeforeOak Parquet - After

Oak parquet

The customer’s floor was located in a period property, and they expressed their desire to preserve the countryside ambiance.

To honor their request, we proceeded with a complete sanding of the floor, addressing any necessary repairs along the way. To maintain the desired aesthetic and provide long-term care, we opted for a 2k oil system. This system can be professionally maintained by us at regular intervals, potentially reducing the need for future sanding.

By employing this approach, we ensured the floor’s countryside feel remained intact while offering a sustainable solution for its maintenance.

Pine boards

Pine is our most common flooring type in the UK, as most houses have floorboards of one type or another and most commonly, they are pine.

Although never designed to be on show, they are becoming more and more popular to be restored.

One of our customers discovered their pine floorboards hidden beneath carpet and vinyl tiles. In order to bring out the natural beauty and longevity of the floor, we removed the old flooring and proceeded with a comprehensive sanding process.

To protect and enhance the floor’s appearance, we applied a lacquer system. This treatment ensures that the floor will outlast any carpet covering, providing a lasting and visually appealing result.

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