How to make wood floors lighter

We often get calls from customers asking us to make their wood floors lighter. With our wealth of experience in hardwood floor restoration, it’s almost always achievable.

Lightening your wood floors is generally a cosmetic service. Lighter wooden floors are becoming increasingly popular, particularly with light and bright interiors being a desirable home aesthetic at the moment.

Light wood floors can make a surprisingly big difference to your space, whether it be in a workplace or domestic environment. We attached some examples of a previous project below so you can get a true feel for the finished look.

Below, we’ve gone into some more detail as to how we achieve these types of finish. There are two main methods that we tend to use here at Sussex Floor Restoration, depending on which suits your type of wood floor best.

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How to make wood floors lighter

The level of lightness achievable for your wood floors largely depends on the specific hardwood type you have. Once we’ve had a conversation about your desired outcome and agreed upon the quotation, we proceed to the testing phase.

Initially, we undertake a small test patch by sanding a portion of your wood floor. This step enables both you and us to preview the expected results before committing to the full-scale project. It’s during this stage that we can accurately determine the techniques required, providing you with a clearer understanding of the work we will be performing.


There are a couple of widely used approaches for achieving a lighter wood floor, and we’ll explore the first method, which involves staining.

By applying light-coloured stains, like various shades of white and grey, to your floor, you can achieve a more modern aesthetic. These stains essentially cover and lighten the original darker wood, resulting in a significantly lighter appearance.

To safeguard the colour of your floor, we also apply a durable lacquer over the stains.

Nude lacquers:

Another method is the use of nude or pure lacquers. These leave your floors with a light, freshly sanded shade that is also very contemporary.

One particular benefit of using lacquers over any other method is that this is a quicker process from start to finish. So, if you’re having the service in a place of high footfall, such as a public workplace or main living room, this is probably your best option if you’re needing to get up and running again as soon as possible.

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