Wood Floor Care and Maintenance 

Wood floor care and maintenance are essential, and keeping your wooden floor looking good is what we do best! We are here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring that you come out with a product you love.

But it’s not just about having a good-looking floor, it’s also about how long the floor will last. Without regular maintenance, you may find that you are replacing your flooring more often than you’d like.

Here at Sussex Floor Restoration, we have a number of services that will aid you in looking after your floors.

Wooden flooring is best suited to areas of high footfall such as gyms, community centres, living areas, bedrooms, stairways, etc.

However, if you are looking for flooring in an area where there are large fluctuations in temperature and humidity, then wooden flooring would not be suitable.

Wood Floor Care | Large living room with tan rug and white leather sofas.

Wood Floor Care and Maintenance

It is important that you look after your wooden floors, and there are a number of things you can do yourself to prolong their life.

We recommend using a microfibre flat mop with a built-in spray system or a separate sprayer to clean your floors.

  1. The first step is to spray the neutral wood floor cleaner onto the floor
  2. Then scrub the floor with a flat mop
  3. Finally, rinse with clean water.

It’s as easy as that! Ensure that when you are dealing with your rinsing bucket that none of the cleaning solutions is used as this can cause dirt to be spread around.

It is important to know that you should only clean wooden floors that have intact seals, as cleaning bare wood can damage them in the long run. 

Example: Gym Floor Maintenance

The restoration and maintenance of wooden gym floors are much like any other wood floors that we maintain and restore. The main difference is the amount of footfall they receive, which can be punishing on the floor.

We can repair and restore wooden gym floors, but the best service we can offer is the ongoing maintenance of the floors. This then offsets the cost of having to re-sand and maintains your initial investment for many years to come.

Our maintenance service involves periodic light sand and recoat of the floors. This keeps the floors looking, and more importantly, playing their best. We can also offer a training service to your staff on how best to clean these floors.

Wood Floor Care | Interior of an old gymhall

Top Tips for Keeping your Floors Looking Their Best

  • Use felt feet on the bottom of your furniture.
  • When moving furniture around the house ensure that you pick it up and don’t drag it.
  • Remove your shoes as you enter your property.
  • Use a brush to sweep debris and dust off of your flooring, as it is a gentler method compared to vacuuming.
  • Wipe your pets’ feet before they walk on the wooden floor.
  • As soon as you notice any kind of spill on your floor, clean it up.
  • Look up the walnut trick for scratches, as this can work, and is safe to do.


If you would like advice on how to care for and maintain your wooden floors, then please visit our Contact Us page on our website. Or if you would like to speak to a member of our expert team then give us a call on 01444 810505.

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