98% Dustless Wood Floor Sanding Service

Regardless of whether you need your parquet floor restored or your wood floor repaired, we’re committed to bringing you a high-quality, 98% dustless wood floor sanding service.

Embracing Excellence in Floor Restoration

When it comes to home aesthetics, the allure of pristine wooden floors is unparalleled. Sussex Floor Restoration stands as a beacon of excellence, dedicated to delivering top-notch services, including the much-sought-after 98% dustless wood floor sanding.

Let’s delve into the art and science behind this transformative process.

The Crux: Understanding Dustless Wood Floor Sanding

What Sets Us Apart?

In a market teeming with floor restoration options, discover what distinguishes Sussex Floor Restoration. Unravel the mysteries of our innovative 98% dustless wood floor sanding technique, a game-changer for those seeking flawlessness without the mess.

Parquet Perfection: Can It Be Achieved Without Sanding?

Addressing a common query about parquet flooring, we shed light on the challenges and misconceptions surrounding dustless wood floor sanding. Uncover why opting for this service eliminates concerns about mess and dust, ensuring a seamless restoration experience.

Dustless Wood Floor Sanding

The Process: Unveiling the Magic Behind Dustless Wood Floor Sanding

Step 1: Problem Identification and Resolution

Before the sanding begins, meticulous problem-solving takes precedence. The goal is to uncover the hidden challenges that, if ignored, could mar the beauty of your restored floor. Sussex Floor Restoration prides itself on leaving no stone unturned during this investigative phase, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs of each wood floor.

Step 2: The Art of Sanding

We then start to sand the floor; this is an essential part of the process in order to get the perfect floor finish!

We use our industry-standard planetary sander for the sanding process. This helps us achieve a finish that cannot be done with a standard rotary sander.

Step 3: The Dust-to-Filler Alchemy

After, we save the dust and mix it with a filler specifically designed for sanding hardwood floors.

Our team applies this filler with a trowel on their hands and knees. Making sure no gaps are missed, leaving the floor smooth and easy to maintain.

Using this technique of saving the dust from the initial sanding has lots of benefits, here are a few:

  • Creates a much more uniform look. You can still see the lines between the boards, but the filler makes them level with the floor.
  • Filling in the gaps and unlevel areas stops dirt from getting trapped, making it easier to clean your floors.
  • Stops pooling when staining old wood floors, which can make it look unprofessional (and take ages to dry!)
  • By using the dust means your floor can also achieve a great colour match.
  • Our floor sanding service is more eco-friendly as we are reusing what most people would throw away.

Dustless sanding is also safer for the home environment and commercial settings. People, kids, and pets (especially ones who suffer from health-related issues), can have complications from inhaling the microscopic dust particles.

Dustless Wood Floor Sanding | Sanded floors in a home

Sussex Floor Restoration

If you’re looking for a floor sanding and restoration service for domestic or commercial wood floors, then look no further than our Sussex-based floor sanding company.

Contact Sussex Floor Restoration on 01444 810505 or email us at info@sussexfloorrestoration.co.uk.

Dustless Wood Floor Sanding FAQs

1. Is dustless wood floor sanding suitable for all types of wood?

Yes, our dustless sanding technique is suitable for a wide range of wood types, ensuring versatility in floor restoration.

2. How long does the entire process take?

The duration varies based on the scope of the project, but our efficient team strives to complete the process promptly without compromising quality.

3. Can dustless sanding be applied to both residential and commercial spaces?

Absolutely! Sussex Floor Restoration caters to both residential and commercial clients, ensuring the benefits of dustless sanding reach diverse settings.

4. Are the fillers used in the process safe for indoor environments?

Yes, the fillers we use are environmentally friendly and safe for indoor spaces, contributing to a healthy living environment.

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