What Is the Best Oil for Wood Floors?

Oiling wood floors helps to enhance the overall appearance. It nourishes, protects, and adds longevity. But what is the best oil for wood floors?

Knowing where to start when it comes to wood floor finishing’s can be quite daunting.

Benefits Of Oil For Wood Floors

Although wood oils tend to be slightly less resilient than lacquers, they are easier to apply and maintain over time.

Oil is also better for those who prefer a more natural-looking finish.

Surface finishes sit on top of the wood, whilst wood oils are absorbed into the wood. This provides both internal and external protection.

Oils also deepen the wood colour over time, as opposed to adding an artificial shine.

Other Advantages Over Lacquer Include:

Authenticity – Wood oil soaks into the wood, emphasising its grain and bringing out the beauty of the timber. Opposed to a lacquered floor effect which appears more unnatural.

Going Green – Most wood oils are environmentally friendly.

Spot Repair – In the case of small surface scratches, a good quality oil can be recoated several times. This results in a perfect finish without the need for sanding.

Low VOCs – Toxic substances found in some floor finishes, VOCs are rumoured to lead to health problems. Most wood oils contain an extremely low amount of chemicals, compared with their polyurethane counterparts.

Stain Free – Unlike urethane finishes, natural oil often comes in a variety of tints. This eliminates the need for stains.

Disadvantages Of Wood Oil

Although the disadvantages of using wood oil aren’t significant, they have a slightly longer drying time than varnishes.

Once cured they tend to remain semi-porous to spillages making re-coating more necessary.

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What Is the Best Oil for Wood Floors?

Oil sealer

Oil sealer is a good choice if you’re finishing your hardwood floors yourself.

It’s relatively straightforward to apply, enhances the colour of the natural wood and allows time for touch-ups later.

The main ingredient in oil sealer is tung oil. This is a naturally derived product that requires re-sealing every three to five years.

Pallmann Magic Oil 2k Original –

The wood floor oil offers excellent durability with very high resistance to mechanical and chemical wear, along with enhancing its wood grain and colour.

It also boasts slip resistance meeting R10/DIN 51130 standards and complies with DIN 53160 for resistance to saliva and sweat, EN 71-3 for child-safe coating, specifically addressing the migration of certain elements, and fire protection standards Cfl-s1, which are met when the wood has a minimum thickness of 19 mm, a density of 480 kg/m³, and a moisture content of 9%.

Which Oils Should You Use?

Whether it’s solid or engineered wood, we’d suggest using one of the following products:

Pallmann Magic Oil 2k Original (or any other oil in the Pallmann range!). We are Parkett Profi accredited floor technicians, so can help choose the best oil for your floor.

Blanchon Cleare Maintenance Oil – Effective at reviving wood flooring. Blanchon is known for its quick-drying qualities, has a pleasant smell and retains its matt look while bringing your floor back to life.

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