The 4 Most Common Parquet Wood Floor Patterns

If you’re thinking about investing in a beautiful parquet hardwood floor, the pattern is something you will need to consider. There are many different parquet floor patterns, so we understand that it can get slightly overwhelming! We have outlined below the 4 most common parquet wood floor patterns.

Common parquet wood floor pattern – Herringbone Pattern

If you want to achieve a popular parquet pattern look, herringbone is the way to go.

Herringbone has been used since the ancient Romans who used this pattern for their roads, meaning it’s stood the test of time and is recognised for its stable qualities.

The reason it’s known for its amazing stability is that they are all placed at a 90-degree angle and pressed against each other. This creates a unique and hard-wearing floor.

We recommend not using herringbone in small rooms, as it can make the space look and feel smaller than it is. It would be more appropriate in a larger room such as lounge diners, or even hallways.

parquet wood floor | bedroom with parquet flooring

Common parquet wood pattern – Chevron Pattern

Chevron and herringbone are very similar, however, it’s the edges that meet that differentiate the two. The blocks are cut at an angle creating straight lines down the pattern.

Chevron is another very classic flooring pattern and gives a timeless look to your rooms.

Like herringbone, we recommend avoiding using chevron floors in smaller rooms.

parquet wood floor | chevron pattern

Common parquet wood pattern – Basket weave Pattern

This parquet pattern is a more unique look than the two mentioned above. It is usually made from oak and maple, and laid parallel or diagonal to the walls.

This type of pattern gives you the option to add different shades and colours, to really give it that unique look.

The great thing about the basket weave pattern is that it can be used in any sized room.

parquet wood floor | basket weave

Brick Pattern

The name is exactly what the pattern is – it’s laid out to look like traditional brickwork.

This type of parquet flooring is perfect if you’re looking for something more simplistic and need it to cover a large area of the floor.

Having a more simplistic wooden floor installed means you can experiment and use your imagination with the furniture, soft furnishing, colours, and textures.

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