Can You Make Dark Wood Floors Lighter?

Can you make dark wood floors lighter? Regardless of the type of wood your flooring is, it can likely be changed to a lighter stain.

Dark hardwood floors can pull a house design with striking finishes and alluring tones. However, there may come a time when you decide that your house needs some sprucing up.

A change of wood colour can be the secret ingredient you didn’t know you were missing. So can you make dark wood floors lighter?

We’re currently seeing interior design trends leaning more towards pastel tones which look great in natural light, taking inspiration from Scandinavian design, and light wood flooring is a crucial style element.

Whilst most people know it’s possible to stain lighter wood to a darker tone, many don’t consider the reverse, lightening their dark wooden floors. This could be because they don’t know it’s possible, or simply because they think it might be more expensive than it’s worth.

However, many people are pleased to find out that regardless of the type of wood their flooring is, it can likely be changed to a lighter stain, and it’s even possible to switch between the two, light or dark, whenever the need arises.

Can I do it myself?:

Many people believe that by doing the work themselves, they will be saving time and money, but this very often isn’t the case, and it comes with its own set of pros and cons.

We’ve heard several stories from people who have tried to recolour their flooring without proper knowledge and ended up costing themselves more in equipment hire and material costs.

Achieving an end product that they weren’t entirely happy with and costing themselves more times and money than they would have if they’d contacted a professional flooring company such as ourselves.

We have extensive knowledge of all aspects of flooring restoration, thanks to our years of experience. As a result, we’re able to complete the job quickly and professionally to avoid unnecessary disruption and mess in your property.

dark wood floors lighter | Dark wood floors sanded

How to make wood floors lighter:

The primary process involves sanding and refinishing, but to achieve the standards of quality that we are committed to, our team goes into depth to ensure that your floors look as good as new afterwards.

Firstly, we strip and sand the floor using speciality equipment like our planetary sander to achieve a finish that cannot be done with a standard rotary sander.

At this point in the process, some naturally lighter woods will already be at the desired tone, as the old darker coatings will have been stripped away when sanding. If this is the case, we can move on to refinishing.

If you still desire lighter wood flooring, we can use lacquers and stains to achieve an even softer tone than the wood’s natural one. This is how people create the pastel and pale snowy tones that are in fashion right now.

Once the wood is at the desired tone, we then seal and fill in any gaps caused by the sanding to ensure a uniform look without space for dirt. When the desired stain has completed drying, we apply a final lacquer with rollers and brushes to complete the look.

In Conclusion:

If you’re looking to change up the colour of your wood flooring, Sussex Floor Restorations are available to oversee every step of the process, from planning to completion.

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