Hardwood Floor Restoration

If your floors are damaged or need a facelift, then it’s time to get in touch about our hardwood floor restoration service.

Hardwood flooring is one of the highest quality flooring you can install in your home. The solid wood flooring boards make for a striking and classy appearance that can tie together any room.

However, as with every natural material, wood does wear down over time. The good news is that wooden floors can last a lifetime when properly maintained.

Sometimes, all your flooring needs is professional sanding and refinishing, which we offer at Sussex Floor Restoration.

Hardwood Floor Restoration | Person sanding wooden floor

There are times, though, when simply floor sanding isn’t enough to get your floors back to their best condition. There may be damaged floorboards, water damage, or even just minor scratches which can’t easily be removed.

This is especially prevalent in period properties, where we sometimes see hardwood floorboards that haven’t been adequately maintained in many years.

If your floors are damaged or need a facelift, then it’s time to get in touch about our floor restoration service.

Our team has a broad knowledge of hardwood floor restoration. We sand the floor using specialist equipment to ensure a perfectly flat surface whilst working almost entirely dust-free.

We then carry out significant repairs, such as replacing floorboards. We’re also able to recolour the wood to suit your tastes.

Some people do wonder if it’s worth it to get their wood floor restored, as they may be worried about the cost or even the time it takes.

Below, we’ve answered two of the most-asked questions we get about floor restorations:

Hardwood Floor Restoration – Are wood floor repairs expensive?

Thankfully, most hardwood floor repairs are relatively inexpensive and much cheaper than carpeting in the long run.

Due to its nature, wood flooring can last generations when properly maintained. Cleaning wood flooring is as easy as using a bucket and mop every once in a while to ensure surface dirt and dust isn’t getting stuck.

Hardwood Floor Restoration | Women cleaning wood floor

Can my floors be restored?

The good news is that most hardwood floors can be restored to their original beauty. Thanks to our years of experience, our team can faithfully restore your floors, ensuring any damaged areas are fully repaired.

You might also be wondering what the benefits of undertaking a restoration project are.

Increases home value:

Property experts have explained that a properly maintained hardwood floor is a crucial element that many prospective buyers look for in a home.

Their charm and aesthetic qualities are highly desirable and will help boost the value of your house should you ever wish to sell.


Beyond the visual and aesthetic considerations, the condition of your flooring plays a crucial role in the safety of your home environment. Damaged hardwood floors, with their loose floorboards and uneven surfaces, can pose risks to you and your family. The potential for tripping hazards is a genuine concern, especially in high-traffic areas.

Our restoration services extend beyond mere cosmetic improvements; they address safety concerns head-on. Loose floorboards are secured, and uneven surfaces are meticulously levelled to eliminate any potential tripping hazards. We understand the importance of creating a safe living space for you and your loved ones.

By entrusting us with the restoration of your hardwood floors, you’re not just enhancing the visual appeal of your home; you’re also investing in the well-being and safety of your family. The result is a beautifully restored floor that not only adds charm to your living space but also provides a secure and stable foundation for everyday activities. Our commitment to safety ensures that your home remains a haven of comfort and security.

Hardwood Floor Restoration | Family in the living


A newly restored wood floor is not just a practical improvement but a visual masterpiece that can transform the entire ambience of your home. The impact it makes is more than just surface-level; it resonates with the essence of your living space. The gleaming, refreshed wood exudes a timeless charm, adding warmth and character to any room.

The beauty of a meticulously restored wood floor lies not only in its polished surface but also in the intricate details that emerge. The natural grains and patterns of the wood come to life, creating a unique tapestry that tells a story of resilience and longevity. Each knot and line becomes a testament to the enduring quality of the material.

In our case study, explore how we undertook the restoration of a client’s kitchen floor and witness firsthand the transformative power of revitalising wood surfaces. Beyond the practical benefits, the aesthetic enhancement achieved through restoration becomes a source of pride and joy for homeowners, turning a simple floor into a focal point that elevates the entire aesthetic appeal of their living space.

Hardwood Floor Restoration – Sussex Floor Restoration

If you are looking to restore your hardwood flooring, please call us on 01444 810505, and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.

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