School Hall Floor Restoration for the Summer – Book Yours Now!

Book Sussex Floor Restoration for your school hall floor restoration over the Summer so it can be ready for the new school year.

After a whole year’s worth of school events such as school plays, harvest festivals, musical performances, Christmas plays, and sports, your school’s hall floor will have had a fair amount of general wear and tear.

As the hall is the central hub of the school, it is important to make sure it is ready for the new school year. Book us, Sussex Floor Restoration, to come and restore your hall floor over the Summer when the school is shut.

There are a variety of different types of floors for a school hall but they are nearly always wooden. Whether it’s a solid wood type of floor, parquet floor, or engineered wood, we can help you bring your school hall floor back to life.

How Long Does a Full Restoration Take?

The reason we suggest booking us for when the school is shut is so that there is no disruption to the staff and their teaching, or the pupils and their learning.

A full wood floor restoration for a school hall up to 300m2 can be up to 5 days to complete.

We recommend booking us in for our maintenance package annually, and then doing a full restoration every few years.

We get booked up quickly, so we recommend contacting us as soon as possible. In West and East Sussex, schools are out from Friday 22nd July to Wednesday 31st August.

How Long Does The Maintenance Take?

Our maintenance package doesn’t take as long as a full school hall wooden floor restoration.

Maintenance lasts a day, which is perfect for schools that have a high footfall and little downtime.

Our most common maintenance package includes using a light abrasive on the wood floor to remove any small scratches and dirt, and then a professional lacquer applied.

This is different from a full restoration. Here we use our 98% sandless sanding process to remove the previous finish and then apply a professional sealant and lacquer.

We highly recommend opting for our annual maintenance package in order to reduce your costs over time.

Sports Line Marking

If your flooring has sports line markings, or you want to introduce this, this is also something we can do for you.

Self-adhesive tape or painted lines are the industry-standard way to mark the most common play areas.

Sussex Floor Restoration

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation should you wish to get some expert advice in advance of the works.

As wooden floor sanding experts, we offer a complete set of services to cater to all needs.

We’re able to provide dustless wood floor sanding across West Sussex and East Sussex.

We regularly work on a wide range of domestic floors and commercial floors. We help families and businesses to ensure their floors are in the best condition possible.

Get in contact with Adam and the team today on 01444 810505 or fill out our form here.

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