What Are the Best Ways To Refinish Wood Floors?

What are the Optimal Ways to Refinish Your Wood Floors?

If your beautiful wooden floors are looking a little worse for wear, this is totally normal! With children, pets, and furniture, it’s bound to gather a few scrapes and scratches.

So – what are the best ways to refinish wood floors?

In this blog, we will run through our wood floor refinishing services. This will include our process of wood floor sanding and parquet floor restoration.

Best Ways To Refinish Wood Floors – Wood Floor Sanding

Before we explain our process, here is a list of things we are proud to stand by:

  • Environmentally-friendly finish
  • Top-of-the-line equipment
  • Impeccable service
  • Bespoke process
  • Free survey & quote
  • Incredible results

Once you have decided to give your hardwood floors a new lease of life, contact us on 01444 810505 or fill out our form here.

We will then discuss with you your needs and requirements, when we can do the job and what you’ll need to do to prepare for us coming.

Then it’s the main event! We use our 98% dustless sanding process to remove the top thin layer of the wood, removing any deep scratches, scuffs, or marks. Our 98% dustless service means your house will be almost dust free, unlike other services.

We then use the dust that’s been collected and mix this with a filler. We fill in any gaps on our hands and knees to make sure it’s perfectly done.

Once this is all done, we will coat your floor with a high-quality water-based or oil-based floor finish of your choice. The coatings we use are eco-friendly and very low in VOC’s to protect your health and ours!

Parquet Floor Restoration

Our parquet floor restoration process is very similar to our wood floor sanding process.

We have also had a lot of enquiries from people who have lifted their carpets, only to find they have some beautiful parquet flooring underneath!

Click here to read our blog on parquet flooring restoration.

Changing Your Floor’s Colour

If you’re looking at changing your floor up, why not look at changing the colour or shade of your floor?

There are many different stains you can use, which can be applied to the floor once it’s been sanded.

This means you won’t have to replace your whole floor just because you’re going for a different style.

Wood Floor Maintenance

To prevent damage and to prolong the life of your wood floors, here are a few tips on how to keep them looking great for longer:

  • Use felt feet on the bottom of your furniture.
  • When moving furniture around the house ensure that you pick it up and don’t drag it.
  • Remove your shoes as you enter your property.
  • Use a brush to sweep debris and dust off of your flooring, as it is a gentler method compared to vacuuming.
  • Wipe your pets’ feet before they walk on the wooden floor.
  • As soon as you notice any kind of spill on your floor, clean it up.

Best Ways To Refinish Wood Floors – Wood Floor Refinishing Near Me

Sussex Floor Restoration are Parkett Profi accredited floor technicians, offering a full dustless floor restoration service.

We here at Sussex Floor Restorations are the experts in restoring and maintaining wooden floors across Sussex. To find out more about our services, visit our website or get in touch today to discuss how we could help with your next project on 01444 810505.

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