How to Clean Parquet Flooring?

You’ve just moved into your new home, or recently had parquet wood flooring installed, but what’s the best way to clean it?

At Sussex Floor Restoration, we have created a step-by-step process on the best way to clean your parquet hardwood flooring. 

This process will also work on engineered wood, oak wood, and other hardwood, solid wood flooring too. Please however ensure that your floor is sealed first for maximum protection.

How to Clean Parquet Flooring?

Step 1. Remove all furniture from the area

It’s first of all important to give yourself sufficient space when cleaning your floor so you can get into all the affected areas and do some deep cleaning. 

Please ensure that you do not drag furniture during the moving process. Instead, pick it up. This will prevent you from damaging your floor by scratching or denting it.

We would also recommend buying felt feet to go on the bottom of all of your furniture, so you do not need to worry about moving furniture and damaging your floor in the future.

Step 2. Brush to remove debris

Use a soft brush that is not too wiry or bristly as this could scratch your floor, and sweep the space, collating all the debris into one area. Then use a dustpan to pick it all up together. Alternatively, you can use a direct suction vacuum to pick up any debris.

Step 3. Invest in a microfibre flat mop

At Sussex Flooring Restoration, we recommend the Pallmann floor mop to our customers and Pallmann clean solution which are designed to maintain the natural beauty of your floor.

Here is Pallmann’s 5 steps for the aftercare of wood floors.

Start by using a dilution ratio of 50 parts water and 1 part Pallmann’s Clean solution and add your mop to this. Make sure the mop is well wrung out before using it on the floor. After this, make sure the mop head is regularly rinsed in a fresh solution.

It is imperative that the floor does not remain wet after 1 minute as this could damage your floor. Working as quickly as possible over the floor is recommended.

If you decide to use other wooden flooring cleaning products, you may notice your floor becoming sticky over time. This is usually from a build-up of cleaning products. It can also damage your floor over time. If you are experiencing a sticky floor we would recommend going over your floor with a slightly damp mop that only has water on it. You may need to go over your floor a few times but this should break down the build up.

Please note, only clean wooden floors in this way if they have been properly sealed as otherwise, this can damage the floor in the long run.

If you have a pet, we would also advise reading the wooden floor cleaner label to ensure it is suitable for them.

If you would like to talk to your wood floor specialists in Sussex about sealing your floors and how we would achieve this, please email us to find out more.

How to clean parquet flooring? How to maintain your floor

Remove Shoes

To increase the lifespan of your floor, we would recommend taking off your shoes before walking on the wooden floor. 

This is the same for pets. If you have pets that go outside, we would advise wiping their feet before they come inside. Taking off your shoes and wiping your pets’ feet will prevent debris from scratching your floor.

Wipe up spillages straight away

If you happen to have a spillage, we suggest clearing this up straight away (ideally within 1 minute) to hopefully avoid it being soaked into the floor which will then need repairing.

If you are wondering how to fix damaged wood floors, please email us at, and we can arrange for a survey to be completed to assess the overall condition of your floor.

How to clean parquet flooring? Wooden floor restorers near me

If you are based in Sussex, and would like further advice on how to clean your parquet or other wood floorings, or perhaps would like an assessment completed on your flooring, please get in touch, by emailing, visiting our website, or calling 01444 810505.

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