Dustless Sanding For Wooden Floors Q&A

Dustless Sanding For Wooden Floors Q&A

Did you know that hardwood floor sanding no longer needs to be a messy process? Thanks to dustless sanding, when having your floor refinished, you no longer need to dread the wood floor sanding process.

Within this blog, we will be sharing all you need to know about dustless sanding, hardwood floors, and our refinishing process at Sussex Floor Restoration. 

We will also be answering sanding wood floor questions we are often asked. We hope you find it useful.

Can You Sand An Engineered Wood Floor?

Hardwood, Engineered Wood Floors are made out of real wood. However, depending on the thickness of the wood, this will determine how many times your engineered wood floor can be sanded.

A wood floor restoration professional will be able to guide you on this.

Which Floor Types Can Be Sanded?

As long as the floor is hardwood, it can be sanded. This, therefore, includes parquet, engineered wood, oak, ash, walnut and cherry flooring.

This however does not include laminate or vinyl flooring. Once these become worn and damaged, they will need to be replaced.

What Are The Signs That Your Floor Needs To Be Sanded?

If you are experiencing scratches, dents, raised wooden pieces, splinters, discolouration as well as water stains then your floor could benefit from being sanded and refinished.

A wood flooring restoration expert will be able to assess your floor, aim to fix any imperfections and provide guidance on how to maintain the condition of your floor so it keeps in good condition for longer.

What Is Dustless Floor Sanding?

Dustless Sanding For Wooden Floors Q&A

Using the latest dustless sanding system means that a 98% dustless service can be achieved when sanding wooden floors. This is achieved by successfully containing the dust particles within the machine. 

At Sussex Floor Restoration, we then use these dust particles from the initial sanding to fill and perfectly hide any imperfections.

What Is The Process For Refinishing and Sanding Parquet Flooring And Other Hardwood Flooring?

At Sussex Floor Restoration, we will conduct a full on-site assessment to check the overall condition and work required on the floor.

A finish will then be chosen by the client. This could include paint, oil, lacquer, wax or stain treatment.

We will then repair any loose blocks or other issues, and use our wood floor sanding machine to create a smooth surface.

The dust is then collected and used to fill in any nooks or gaps, creating a perfectly even and smooth surface that is easy to maintain.

A finish of the client’s choice is then applied to the floor. The finishes we use are all eco-friendly and are very low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to protect your health.

To find out more information about our restoration process, click here.

How much Does Dustless Floor Sanding Cost?

At Sussex Floor Restoration we provide bespoke quotes for each of our clients when refinishing and repairing wooden flooring. This is because some flooring requires a lot more repairing, sanding, and filling compared to others. So it really does depend on the work involved. 

Wood Floor Sanding Near Me, For Dustless Sanding

If you are based in Sussex and are interested in dustless floor sanding for your hardwood flooring, whether that be for your home or commercial space, please contact us today. Call us on 01444 810505 or email us at info@sussexfloorrestoration.co.uk.

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