How long does it take to refinish grey hardwood floors?

If you are looking to refinish grey hardwood floors, herringbone hardwood flooring, or any hardwood flooring for that matter, and are wondering how long it takes, read on.

Within this blog, we will be detailing what’s involved during the refinishing process, and how long it takes and will be sharing the aftercare requirements too.

What’s involved in refinishing and creating grey hardwood floors?
grey hardwood floors

The wonderful thing about hardwood flooring is that it can be refinished and sealed with lacquer, oil, paint, etc., giving the floor a completely different look. For example, transforming the flooring from a light hardwood floor to a grey hardwood floor.

Our process at Sussex Flooring Restoration when refinishing hardwood floors includes:

  • Survey – We listen to your needs and requirements and assess any damage to the floor. We will then review the technical requirements, and provide a solution to fix the floor. 
  • Sanding – We will then apply a sander to the wood floors, achieving a 98% dustless finish. The sanding will create a nice even surface. 
  • Gaps filled – If there are any gaps, indents, or crevices these will be filled using a filler and dust collected from the sander. This will allow the filler to blend in with the flooring. 
  • Refinish is applied – A coating of your choice will then be applied to the flooring. This can include hardwood floor oil, lacquer, and paint. The coatings we use are all eco-friendly and low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to protect your health. 
  • Aftercare instructions – All our clients are then provided with aftercare instructions to protect their floor for years to come.

How long does it take to refinish grey hardwood flooring?

In short, it really does depend. This can be anything from two days to two weeks or longer depending on the size of the area that needs to be sanded, refilled, oiled, etc. If the solid wood flooring is in relatively good condition and only requires minimal work this will not take as long. 

A large sports hall for example that is 300m2 can take five or more days to complete. If you’re interested to find out how long it takes to refinish a sports hall floor, please read our blog ‘how to maintain wood gym floors’, where we include costs and work involved, etc. 

The aftercare, including how long it takes for the lacquer to fully cure also needs to be taken into consideration too. Even though the floor may be completed, wood floor specialists will often advise leaving the floor for a set period of time to avoid imperfections from appearing.

The Aftercare – can you walk straight onto refinished floors?

Our aftercare guide recommends 7 days to cure fully. The floor however can be walked on 4 to 5 hours after application. However, the coating that has been applied is more prone to damage from scratches or water until it has fully cured. So it is advised to take considerable care at this stage.

Furniture and sharp heavy objects, especially when moved can damage the floor. Because of this, it’s important to pick the furniture up, rather than dragging it along the floor, to avoid any scratches from appearing. 

We also recommend applying felt feet to furniture to help prevent the floor from becoming damaged.

To prevent debris from being traipsed into your home and damaging your floor, we also recommend at the very least a matt being placed at the main entrance. This will absorb most of the excess dirt and water brought in from outside. Taking shoes off before walking on the floor, however, would be even better.

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