Does Floor Sanding Create a lot of Dust?

Does floor sanding create a lot of dust during the floor refinishing process is a question we are frequently asked. Especially when dealing with both commercial and domestic customers during the consultation phase.

At Sussex Floor Restoration, we take pleasure in treating your premises or home the way we would like ours treated when doing work on it. We always offer our customers the finest experience possible.

Our extensive dust control system, which is connected to all of our equipment to sand floors, is one of the key elements in dust management.

Consider our dust control system to be like an enormous vacuum cleaner!

However, it is not just mess that needs to be a consideration when you begin to plan to sand your floor.

As a professional wood floor restoration company, we also take into account the types of wood dust created. In addition to the tiny particles of wood produced during sanding, wood dust can also contain bacteria, fungal and moss spores.

The quantity and type of wood dust will depend on the wood being processed, the machine we are using, and how much sanding is required, for example, if the floor is damaged it may require more aggressive sanding.

The biggest risk from fine, uncontrolled sanding dust, is that you can breathe this into your lungs where it will potentially do damage.

Safety risks should also be taken into account because wood dust is flammable and, in certain situations, could cause a fire or explosion!

Every year, premises are severely damaged or destroyed by wood dust fires. To find out more, click the link below:

Wood dust: Controlling the risks WIS23

It also makes sense to control sanding dust. Should you have a commercial property (such as a school hall, gym, community hall etc) sanded, it is important that you will be protecting your employees’ health from potential clouds of sanding particles.

The dust produced by our machines is pulled into our dust control systems on the sanding machines. This gives our clients the assurance they need that they won’t face a daunting cleaning task once the dust has settled after we leave.

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At Sussex Floor Restoration, we use the most up-to-date machinery, utilising sanding and extraction equipment with continuous belts that produce almost no dust, using dust control systems that have extensive extraction capabilities that nearly eliminate dust, altogether.

We’re committed to bringing you a nearly completely dust-free sanding, in fact, the dust extraction technology we use will achieve a 98% dustless service!

Thus, providing a safer atmosphere for your colleagues or family.

If not extracted by professionals, microscopic, sanding dust particles from a typical sanding job can linger in your home or commercial property for days, which is not ideal!

To find out more about our professional sanding services and how we can ensure that your project is as pain-free and dust free as possible, contact us on 01444 810505

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