How to Repair a Hardwood Floor

This blog gives you 5 top tips and guidance on how to repair your hardwood floor, in your commercial or domestic setting.

There is no denying hardwood flooring’s inherent beauty and attractiveness. The classic flooring option looks fantastic in every home and every room. 

Additionally, it can last for more than 50 years with proper maintenance. Here, maintenance is the important word. You’ll need to keep up with polishing, repairing, and restoring your flooring as necessary if you want to ensure that they maintain its appeal and last for decades.

It’s essential to remember that prefinished wood flooring requires different cleaning and upkeep than untreated wood flooring. The Sussex Floor Restoration team can answer your hardwood flooring maintenance questions. 

This blog gives you 5 top tips and guidance for repairing your hardwood flooring.

Repair a Hardwood Floor

Repairing your hardwood flooring will extend its longevity and keep them looking great!

Hardwood Floor Patching

Have you noticed gaps in your planks or that the surface has been damaged somehow?

One method to use is patching. From a small patch, for instance, a dent, to replacing a whole plank.

You could nail or glue a small piece of the matching wood on the minor patch, or it may require a whole plank if the damage is more substantial.

If your floor is relatively old, you may need help finding a shade that exactly matches. You would therefore need to consider sanding and refinishing an area or, if you can find an exact match in a stain, simply staining the new pieces that are to go in.

Repairs to Dented or Scratched Planks

Depending on the size of the dent of the scratch, you can use a tinted specialist wood filler.

This is a relatively easy job; simply smooth the filler until smooth, sand it down and polish it to finish.

Cracks and Splits in the Planks

For a minor split in the hardwood floor, epoxy wood glue can help to give a smooth and robust finish. 

Apply as per the manufacturer’s instructions and then sand down to smooth.

Boards that Squeak

Generally, fixing a squeaking board requires the board to be more firmly in place.

This can be achieved by using a piece of wood in between any gaps that can be hammered into place; this will stop the boards’ movement to give a firm plank, rather than boards that can move slightly.

Peeling, Sticky or Chipped Varnish

Original hardwood floors starting to be patchy are generally caused by peeling or chipped varnish.

Restoring an original hardwood floor with a sticky residue is common, usually caused by the previous breakdown of the finish.

The first step to bringing beauty back to a hardwood floor is sanding the whole floor back to bare wood.

A suitable sealant, wax or varnish is then applied.

Wood Floor Sanding – Sussex Floor Restoration

Is it time to replace your hardwood floor, or could a restoration from Sussex Floor Restoration save you money?

Some signs your hardwood flooring should be renovated rather than replaced:

  • Your floorboards creak or have movement in places.
  • There are dents and/or scratches.
  • Nails are protruding.
  • The varnish/wax/finishing treatment is patchy and discoloured.
  • Water damage has occurred.

Replacing a much-loved and lived-in hardwood floor is a huge investment. The amount you will need to spend to restore the original hardwood floors depends on the area and the hardwood chosen.

You can extend the life of your hardwood floor by ensuring you keep up with maintenance, and if treated properly, replacing boards will be a far more economical option.

The tips given in this blog will simply ‘paper over the cracks”. However, having a beautiful hardwood floor requires maintenance from professionals like Sussex Floor Restoration. Our restoration process is unique and thorough to get the best results for restoring the original hardwood floors.

Sussex Floor Restoration

We take the utmost pride in our work, and that’s reflected in the final results for your hardwood flooring. 

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