How to restore old wooden floorboards – Sussex Floor Restoration’s top 3 tips

Hardwood floors are renowned for their durability and stylish looks, but what happens when time starts catching up to them and you need to restore old wooden floorboards?

Over the years, wooden floors will naturally be worn down bit by bit as the floor finish starts to wear away from footfall and other everyday use. Small gaps between floorboards can start to occur, as well as wood chipping and cracks.

The good news is, this is all very normal in the lifetime of a wooden floor, and it’s actually possible to restore old wooden floorboards to their former glory!

In this blog, we will share three top tips to help you get your wooden floor looking as good as it did when it was first installed.

1 – Clean the floor first

You might be thinking that your wood floor needs a full refurbishment to get it looking its best again, but the truth is that sometimes a wooden floor simply just needs a good deep clean.

We recommend using hardwood floor cleaner, as water-based cleaning can lead to damage to your floor.

For a higher level of cleaning, Pallmann recommends the following:

  • Use a concentrated solution of PALLMANN CLEAN
  • This should be applied by spraying the area with 100 parts water to 1 part PALLMANN CLEAN
  • You can use the PALLMANN CLEAN AND GO clean kit to do this

You can also use the Pallmann floor mop when cleaning your floor. But please remember to thoroughly rinse the mop head in a fresh solution in order to avoid re-contamination during the cleaning process.

Once you have given the floor a clean, you might find that it’s already looking good as new, but don’t worry if there is still some work to do!

2 – Uncover the original flooring

If your flooring is still needing extra work, the best way to restore old wooden floorboards is by using a professional floor sander and sanding back the wood until you have worn through the finish to uncover the bare wood.

The benefit of hardwood floors is that they can be renewed in this way many times before they become too thin for it, so you can keep your original wood floors for many years to come.

We do recommend contacting a professional floor restoration company like Sussex Floor Restoration, as we have many years of experience and use specialist floor sanding machines which are almost dustless. This means the rest of your house won’t be subjected to all the dust that can come from using a conventional sanding tool!

Once we’ve sanded the floor back to fresh wood, we will then use a wood stain to achieve the desired look and help to protect the wood for many years to come.

3 – Replace broken floorboards to restore old wooden floorboards

Unfortunately, during the lifetime of a wooden floor, some of the original boards can sustain damage that isn’t possible to fix by sanding the floor and refinishing it.

In this case, it’s possible to replace a whole floorboard with another piece of wood and then apply a wood stain to ensure it fits in with the existing floorboards.

Restore old wooden floorboards with Sussex Floor Restoration

Here at Sussex Floor Restoration, we know how to restore old wooden floorboards to their original glory.

Our specialist team can work with you to understand your needs and give an estimate for how long it will take to restore your old wooden floorboards, so why not get in touch today on 01444 810505?

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