Cork Flooring – The 5 Benefits

In this blog, we will discuss the 5 benefits of using cork flooring around your home.

What is Cork Flooring?

Firstly, cork flooring comes from cork, which is taken from cork bark. These trees are cork oak trees, and are a natural and renewable resource, as they can regrow and be replenished.

To make flooring items, bits of cork is ground up, compressed, and put together in sheets, which are then fused with resins.

The Advantages of Cork Flooring

Below are some of the many advantages of using cork flooring.

Eco-friendly Flooring Option

Cork is a great choice when it comes to environmentally friendly flooring. It takes around 20 years for cork oak trees to mature, after which they can be harvested every nine or ten years until the tree is two centuries old.

This is in contrast to hardwood trees, which take much longer to reach maturity and can only be harvested once. This makes cork a highly renewable and eco-friendly resource.

Cork Flooring | Cork trees

Good at Insulating

Instead of spending money on underfloor heating, cork has natural thermal insulation properties. This creates an inexpensive alternative to heating wood floors.

Can Be Refinished

Did you know that cork flooring can be refinished, just like hardwood flooring? Well we’re here to tell you it can! As long as it’s thicker than 4mm, you can sand, re-stain and apply a new coat.


The impressive qualities of suberin, such as its antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, make it an ideal material for repelling pests and microorganisms, which is why it is so highly valued.

Soft and Quiet

Cork is known for its ability to absorb sound, due to the tiny air pockets that are present in the material. This same quality also contributes to the comfort of cork, as the spongy yet firm texture makes it gentle on the joints.

Cork Flooring – Why Choose Sussex Sustainable Flooring

Sussex Sustainable Flooring is a new showroom with the ethos that flooring should not just come from a sustainable source, but also have the ability to be refinished, thus reducing waste and cost.

Too many times we have come across floors that we could not save, and the alternatives were either made from plastic or a non-restorable product. We hate throwing things away, especially when things could be restored!

If you want to have a look at the different types of sustainable flooring we have, then book an appointment to visit our showroom via our contact form.

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