Restoring Wooden Floors: A How-To Guide

Restoring wooden floors is easier and cheaper than you might expect. It doesn’t have to involve replacing them entirely.

Restoring your hardwood floors so that they’re at their best, may just require a deep clean. Whereas others need filling in, and some need sanding; all depending on their current condition.

In this blog, we will share our top tips for restoring wooden floors back to their prime.

Deep Cleaning

It may sound obvious, but many people don’t clean their floors the right way. Cleaning hardwood floors with an appropriate cleaning solution will remove embedded dirt that would otherwise be missed with just water and soap.

Cleaning with water can actually damage your floor as well.

As Parkett Profi accredited floor technicians, we suggest using their floor cleaner, called Pallmann Clean. It is a strong, water-based cleaning solution that removes stubborn stains very well.

After cleaning your floors, you may find scratches and dents beneath the surface. In this case, sanding may be necessary.


Sanding a hardwood floor removes a thin top layer of the wood. Thus removing any minor scratches or defects. It allows your floors to look as good as new, without spending a fortune on replacing the wood itself.

We recommend using a professional wood floor restorer like Sussex Floor Restoration to complete this process. There should always be care taken when sanding a beautiful hardwood floor; mistakes are easily made. Which means it’s preferred to use a company that has many years of experience, like Sussex Floor Restoration.

Filling Gaps

At Sussex Floor Restoration, we use sanding machines that collect the dust produced when sanding. We mix this dust with a filler to create a paste that fills gaps between floorboards, reducing waste.

Restoring wooden floors isn’t just about making the individual floorboards look new. It’s also about creating a seamless finish between each floorboard.

This level of quality can be difficult to achieve by yourself without the right machinery. A floor restoration company, like Sussex Floor Restoration, has all the right tools, knowledge and experience to undertake your project, and finish it to a very high standard. We offer free consultations which will give you a clear understanding of the best steps to take next.

Picking a Finish

Floor finishing is the exciting part of restoring wooden floors. If you want it to, it can add a new texture and/or colour to your floor! For example, a matte finish can add a new texture. Whereas a natural oil finish gives the floor a slightly darker, natural look.

Here are a few different finishes to choose from.

Restoring Wooden Floors Finish 1: Satin Finish

Restoring Wooden Floors Finish 2: Oil Based Finish

Restoring Wooden Floors | Oil-Based Finish Floor

Restoring Wooden Floors Finish 3: Matte Finish

Restoring Wooden Floors: Hire a Professional

Sussex Floor Restoration aims to inspire people to restore instead of replace wood flooring—no matter how old or damaged.

We operate in the Surrey, Sussex, and Kent areas. If you are looking to restore your hardwood floor, please call us on 01444 810505. Or email us at, or fill out our form. One of our friendly team members will be happy to help.

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