Wood Gym Floor Restoration

A wood gym floor is a surface that sees frequent activity and high-impact usage from many sports. Balls are thrown, heavy gym equipment is dragged across the floor, running and jumping, as well as some activities undertaken in bare feet.

A gym floor is often a multi-purpose space that may be used for other occasions and events, especially within a school. Furniture may be moved and scraped across the floor and wearing outdoor shoes can potentially cause damage to the wooden floor.

In order to avoid the risk of injury it is vital the wood gym flooring is maintained and well cared for. In some cases, a wooden gym floor, although of good quality, has sustained significant wear and tear and needs restoring.

At Sussex Floor Restoration, we are experts in restoring gym wooden sports flooring and offer a sustainable, eco-friendly and cost-effective way of making your beautiful wood floor look like new again and ready for more sport!

Restoring a wooden gym floor

Having wooden flooring in any sized gym is a popular choice. Not only does it look great in the space, but there are also practical benefits that are ideal for sport, such as shock absorption for sport with high impact, and a wipe-clean surface, helpful to mop up any sweat!

Although a practical choice, periodically a wood floor in a gym needs some TLC and some wood floors may have deteriorated to the point where they require a full restoration.

Sussex Flooring Restoration will restore your wood gym floor!

A full restoration of a wooden gym floor begins with a complete flooring sanding to remove the previous finish. Then the application of a professional sealant and lacquer is added to the floor, resulting in a beautifully restored wooden gym floor!

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Let us look after your gym floor!

Once we have restored your floor so it looks beautiful again, we recommend our annual floor maintenance package. A cost-effective solution, this helps to reduce your flooring costs and will keep the floor in good condition for longer.

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wood gym floor

Reclaimed wood gym flooring

Hardwood has been a popular flooring choice in gyms for a long time, over a century in fact.

Although a hardwood floor is a more expensive option, it is seen as a long-lasting and sustainable flooring choice therefore the long-term investment is worth it.

If you’ve got a beautiful wood gym floor, it is worthwhile looking after it. The need for repairs and replacement of damaged timber may occur and sourcing reclaimed timber is the perfect solution.

Reclaimed gym flooring can help match any existing wood and then be sanded and refinished to create a new functional gym flooring. Ready for that workout again!

At Sussex Floor Restoration we will use reclaimed wood to provide you with an environmentally-friendly board replacement solution.

Helping the planet, helping your workouts, all on a sustainable gym floor!

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Sussex Floor Restoration can revive and restore your gym floor

Call our friendly team on 01444 810505 to discuss how we will make your gym wood floor perform its very best again.

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