Wood Floor Sanding Burgess Hill

We are Parkett Profi traders offering expert floor restoration in Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Lewes!

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Wood Floor Sanding Burgess Hill

For top-quality wood floor sanding and restoration services in Burgess Hill, look no further than Sussex Floor Restoration. Whether it’s a commercial or residential space, we specialise in dustless sanding across various surfaces. Our commitment to cleanliness means we achieve a 98% dust-free service through advanced dust extraction technology.

You can rest easy with our Wood Floor Sanding Guarantee backed by our Parkett Profi accreditation, offering a comprehensive TWO YEAR WARRANTY on all completed work. From start to finish, our process is characterised by honesty, friendliness, and thoroughness.

Step One begins with your enquiry, reaching out to the Sussex Floor team via phone on  01444 810505 or through our online contact form. 

Step Two involves a detailed quote and survey, where we tailor our approach to your specific needs, considering any technical requirements and providing guidance on preparing your space.

Step Three is the main event: the wood floor sanding and restoration work itself. Depending on the size of the area, this step may vary in duration. 

Once completed, Step Four involves the application of a water-based or oil-based finish of your choosing, using eco-friendly coatings with low VOC levels to prioritise both your health and ours.

Finally, Step Five entails aftercare, where we provide you with comprehensive care guides from our partner, Pallman, ensuring your newly rejuvenated flooring remains in pristine condition for years to come.

For wood floor sanding and restoration in Burgess Hill, Sussex Floor Restoration is here to help.

Be at ease with our Wood Floor Sanding Guarantee. Accredited by Parkett Profi, we offer a generous TWO-YEAR WARRANTY on all our work, providing you peace of mind and coverage for any rare mishaps that may occur with your floor.

Our process is straightforward and thorough. It begins with an enquiry where you can contact our Sussex Floor team either by phone on 01444 810505 or by using the contact form on our website. We then proceed to Step Two – Quote & Survey, where we attentively listen to your requirements, assess any additional factors influencing the quote, and offer guidance on preparing your space for the work ahead.

The main event, Step Three – The Works, sees us dive into the wood floor sanding and restoration process, tailored to your specific needs. The duration of this stage depends on the size of the area being worked on. Upon completion, Step Four – Finishing, involves coating your newly sanded or restored floor with a water-based or oil-based finish of your preference. Our eco-friendly coatings are low in VOCs, prioritising both your health and ours.

Finally, in Step Five – Aftercare, once you’re admiring your revitalised flooring, we equip you with comprehensive care guides from our trusted partner, Pallman, ensuring the longevity and maintenance of your beautiful floors.

What we do really matters and preserves history, saves our customers money and reduces waste within the flooring industry.


We’ll never sneak unsuspected costs into our quotes – we’ll always be upfront with how much everything will cost and our best advice for how to proceed.


Because we do so much of our work in people’s homes, the team are always polite, friendly and respectful of your space. We’ll treat your home like it was our own.


At Sussex Floor Restoration we are always looking for the best way to do things – and then passing that benefit onto our customers.

Meet the team

Adam Bateup

Director & Floor Technician

Adam is one of the founding members of staff here at Sussex Floor. Adam and the team offer world-beating floor restoration in Sussex!


Floor Technician & Team Leader

Jake started with Sussex Floor Restoration in November 2020 and has since gone on to become our team leader.


Sussex Floor Restoration are Pallman® accredited floor restoration specialists. We are the only Parkett Profi® registered traders in Sussex!

Our Guarantee: 


We offer a two-year guarantee on our work and our products on almost every job. This guarantee is also offered by Pallmann UK, who provide it to us for free, yes, they are that confident in our abilities.


“5+ stars!”

Kristal Fox


“Ross and Adam were one of the most reliable tradespeople we have ever come across. Communicative, punctual, helpful, reliable and the finished floor is fantastic. Couldn’t be happier. Would hire again in a flash. 5 plus star’s all the way! Thanks guys!”