How To Stain Wood Floors Lighter

The colour of your wooden floor doesn’t have to stay the same forever. What many people don’t realise is that you can stain wood floors lighter, and change the colour of your hardwood flooring when you are refinishing your floor.

How do you stain wood floors lighter? During the refinishing stage, you can choose from a variety of wood stains, both light and dark stains.

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Without the aid of processes such as bleaching, which could end up damaging your floors, the lightest colour you can achieve is the natural colour of the wood.

This lighter colour is achieved by coating your wood with a clear topcoat finish with no staining needed. The colour is already there from the wood.

Most Hardwood Floors Can Be Sanded And Refinished Many Times.

The only time that we are unable to sand and refinish a wooden floor is if they are very old, and have worn down to the tongue and groove.

However, this takes hundreds if not thousands of years as hardwood floors are very durable.

Therefore, most wooden flooring can be sanded and stained lighter.

Stain Wood Floors Lighter

The process of staining your floors a lighter colour has a few steps to it.

Before any work can begin on your flooring, we usually have a detailed conversation with you to outline what your requirements are. Also, if there are any technical requirements that need to be addressed.

During this stage, we usually conduct a survey and patch tests. This allows us to be able to produce predictable outcomes for the project. The use of patch tests is important to carry out, especially if the flooring is potentially going to be stained.

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Sanding Your Floor 

To start the process of lightening your floors, you will need to sand them.

At Sussex Floor Restoration we have a 95% dustless sanding service, which sands down your existing flooring to get a nice and even surface.

The sanding process also removes any previous stain or lacquer. Read more here.

Depending on the requirements of your floor, we may fill the gaps in your floor at this stage to ensure an all-over even surface.

Our sanding service is done to your specific requirements so that you can get the exact look you were after.

Finishing Touches

It is during this stage in the process that you can add colour to your wooden floor.

All of the products that we use to stain wood floors are environmentally friendly and are low in VOC’s so as to protect both your and our health throughout the process.

We are the only Perkett ProfiⓇ registered traders in Sussex and are also PallmanⓇ accredited floor restoration specialists. This means that we are able to offer a 2-year guarantee on all of our floor restoration works!

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Choose Sussex Floor Restoration

If you have any questions on how to stain your wooden floors lighter, then please give a member of our friendly team a call at 01444 810505, or fill out our contact form here, and they would be happy to advise you on the next steps.

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