Can You Have Wood Flooring in Your Kitchen?

We love a beautiful wooden floor as much as you do, but can it be placed everywhere in your home? In this article, we will discuss whether you can have wood flooring in your kitchen.

Moisture & Humidity

Did you know that wood expands and contracts naturally when heat and moisture levels fluctuate?

Heat and moisture can fluctuate more in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, due to cooking and appliances. This means the wood flooring is more likely to expand and contract more often than in areas such as the living room.

If the wood changes too much, this can cause warped, raised, or distorted floorboards. A few ways to avoid this is to make sure you use the extractor fan when cooking and opening a window can help remove heat and moisture from the room.

We recommend choosing engineered wood flooring for your kitchen, as it is made from plywood or rigid HDF. This means its construction is more resilient to humidity and temperature changes. Read our blog for more information on engineered wood flooring.

Leaks & Spills

Splashes from the sink, water from the dishwasher, fat from the oven or pan, and any other leaks and spillages, if not cleaned straight away, can all leave marks and ruin your beautiful wooden floor.

Read below on how to clean your wood floors if an accident does occur.

Wood Finish

There are different types of finishes you can use on your kitchen wood flooring to protect it from wear and tear, such as lacquer and oil.

We recommend using lacquer on solid hardwood floors placed in kitchens as it’s harder wearing than oil and is also more hygienic as it helps prevent a build-up of bacteria.

If you would rather go down the oil finish route, then read our handy blog which explains the different oils for wood floors.


To keep your wood floor looking its best for a long time, make sure you keep on top of the cleaning and maintenance, such as cleaning up a spill straight away, and removing any water from the floor.

If your wooden floor has been finished with oil, then make sure to read our blog about oil finished wood floor maintenance, which discusses how to clean and maintain your solid wood floor.

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