How To Choose the Best Wood Floor for Your Home

A wood floor can improve and enhance the style of your home, but how do you choose the best wood floor?

There are many things to consider, such as the type of wood floor, colour, which room it will be in, engineered hardwood or solid wood flooring, design, and finish. Here we answer how to choose the best hardwood floor for your home.

Different Types of Hardwood Flooring

There are many different types of wood flooring, such as engineered, solid, reclaimed, and parquet.

You can read more about each of these in our previous blog ‘What Are The Different Types of Wood Flooring’.

Choosing the right one is vital, as each type of flooring has a different look and feel.

How To Choose Floor Colour

Do you want to add more light and space to the room? Or create a more cozy feel?

Colour has the power to impact how a room looks and feels, so choosing the perfect colour should be met with time and patience.

Where Should I Install Wood Flooring

Some types of wood flooring can’t be installed everywhere in your home, such as bathrooms, as the humidity can lead to warping. However, if you are looking for wood flooring for your bathroom, engineered is best!

Wooden flooring can look beautiful in hallways and living rooms, especially with engineered wood flooring if you’re going for a rustic look. These areas of your home are perfect for purchasing statement pieces too, which can, in turn, enhance and accentuate your finished floor.

Different Wood Flooring Designs and Patterns

There are many ways you can install your wood flooring, here are the regular flooring patterns:

  • Straight pattern
  • Diagonal pattern

Here are parquet flooring patterns:

  • Random pattern
  • Herringbone pattern
  • Chevron pattern
  • Brick pattern
  • Basketweave pattern

We love how the herringbone parquet flooring looks, and so do many of our clients! Have a look here.

Wood Floor Finishes

Floors need to have a finish, as this protects the wood from any wear and tear. It also gives it an added layer of protection on top.

There are different types of finishes, such as oil and lacquer. Both have pros and cons, read our blog on which oil is the best for wood floors.

Sussex Floor Restoration

Looking to restore your hardwood or parquet floors? Look no further than Sussex Floor Restoration.

We provide floor restoration services to a host of different audiences including schools and other commercial buildings, but we also work with domestic clients to improve the look of flooring in your home.

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