How to Revive Wood Floors Back to Perfection

Your wood floors have probably succumbed to quite a few bits of wear and tear. Our blog tells you how to revive wood floors.

Whether that’s from chairs being moved back and forth, dog’s nails over the floorboard, or water damage. This can all be fixed to get your wooden floors back to their former glory.

Revive wood floors – Wood Floor Sanding

After identifying any issues with the floor, sanding is the second step in reviving your wooden floors.

We are very proud to say we have a 98% dustless sanding service. Not only do we use the dust we saved and mix it with a filler specifically designed for sanding hardwood floors, but it also stops every part of your house from being coated by dust!

Our professional sanding wood floor team uses a planetary floor sander, which is superior to the standard orbital sander or belt sander.

Sanding your floors means we can get the perfect floor finish. It’s nice and even and ready for it to be filled.

Read our client case study to see how we managed to revive their old hardwood floor.

Applying The Filler

Once we have all the dust we saved from the sanding, we mix it with a filler specifically designed for sanding wooden floors.

To make sure no gaps are missed, we apply this filler on our hands and knees (don’t worry we have knee pads!). We then use a trowel to get into all the nitty-gritty parts.

Coating The Floor

Once we have sanded and filled, we have a selection of water-based and oil-based finishes, we apply a small sample to the floor, and let you decide!

Once you have chosen your finish, we then apply it to the whole floor. Don’t worry, our coatings are all eco-friendly and all have very low VOC’s so as to protect both our and your health.

This is where the original colour comes through, which you may have not seen in a while!

revive wood floors

Floor Maintenance

Once we have finished the job, we make sure you understand how to maintain your beautiful new wooden floors.

We provide you with your own tailored aftercare guide by Pallman – the industry’s leading authority on wood flooring.

The better you look after your floor, the less we have to come round. Good aftercare will prolong the life of your flooring and save you money in the long run.

For more information read our blog.

Revive wood floors – Sussex Floor Restoration

As wooden floor sanding experts, we offer a complete set of services to cater to all needs.

We’re able to provide dustless wood floor sanding across West Sussex and East Sussex.

We regularly work in domestic and commercial buildings, helping families and businesses to ensure their floors are in the best condition possible.

Get in contact with Adam and the team today on 01444 810505 or fill out our form here.

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