Restoring Engineered Wood Flooring

We discuss restoring engineered wood flooring in this blog. Keep on reading to find out more.

Engineered wood is a fantastic alternative to natural hardwood flooring. Both wooden floors are easy to clean and maintain, just requiring a sweep and a clean with some professional wood cleaner; however, hardwood flooring is slightly longer-lasting.

This is due to the way that engineered wood flooring is made. It sits in between laminate flooring and hardwood flooring. It is made up of multiple thin layers of wood, with a natural wood top layer.

These layers are pressed together and then glued into place. Thanks to its construction, it’s much faster to install whilst still looking just as good as a complete hardwood floor.

Engineered wood flooring is also considerably cheaper. Whilst being more flexible than traditional hardwood flooring as it is able to be laid over a concrete floor.

Engineered Wood Flooring Maintenance

The best part about engineered wood flooring, when compared to laminate flooring, is that thanks to its construction, the top layer of natural hardwood acts as a ‘wear layer’.

Whilst there are varying depths of these ‘wear layers’, the vast majority will ensure that your engineered wooden floors will stand the test of time for a lifetime and beyond.

By following the same guidelines to maintain hardwood flooring, you can effectively keep your engineered wood flooring looking beautiful for many years to come.

However, over time wear and tear can build up. Especially if the flooring is in an area with heavy footfall, and this is where restoration can be beneficial.

Whereas laminate flooring is a rather involved and time-consuming process, restoring engineered wood floors is done in much the same way as restoring hardwood floors.

How To Restore Engineered Wood Flooring

The first step is to sand back a tiny amount of the top hardwood layer. This removes the finish and exposes the fresh hardwood underneath.

Our team has a wealth of experience with engineered wood floor restorations. We use the highest-quality floor sanders to carry out our work almost entirely dust-free. This ensures there is no mess left behind.

We move across the floor, one plank at a time, to ensure that there is an even amount of the top layer taken off across the floor before checking the flooring for any significant damage that may have occurred.

Once the top layer has been sanded back, we then lay a new finish on the bare wood. There are several different finishes available for most types of wooden flooring. We explored the different varieties in one of our latest blogs: What are the Different Finishes for Wooden Floors?

After the finish has been applied and set, the floor will look as good as new, ready to enjoy many more years.

Sussex Floor Restorations

We here at Sussex Floor Restorations are the experts in restoring and maintaining wooden floors across Sussex.

Sussex Floor Restoration are Parkett Profi accredited floor technicians, offering a full dustless floor restoration service.

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