The Advantages of Wood Floor Refinishing

Here we have prepared a list of 5 advantages of Wood Floor Refinishing for all your wooden and parquet floors.

What Are the Advantages of Wood Floor Refinishing? 

Are you wondering whether it’s time to replace your wooden flooring? Perhaps you’re looking into the benefits of buying a durable, long-lasting wooden or parquet floor? 

Parquet and wood floor refinishing at Sussex Floor Restoration involves dust-free sanding. Followed by a coat of water or oil-based finish of your choice. 

Here we have prepared a list of 5 Advantages of Wood Floor Refinishing. 

The Advantages of Wood Floor Refinishing | Walking on wooden floors

1. The best environmentally friendly flooring 

The wonderful benefit of restoring your wood floor is giving it a new lease of life. One that can stand the test of time (if properly maintained) and prevent it from being replaced all too frequently. Think of all the wastage a new flooring will incur.  

If being environmentally friendly is top of mind, please ensure you conduct thorough research when buying your floor. This includes ensuring the wood is FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council), from a sustainable source, and once bought, the maintenance involves an environmentally friendly process.  

You will be pleased to know that we offer an environmentally friendly finish on all of your sand and refinished engineered wood floors, so you can be rest assured that we have this covered.  

2. A new finish with the same floor 

You may be under the impression that once you have an engineered, hardwood or parquet flooring fitted that you will always have to remain with the same colour and finish.  

This is not the case. The great thing is, when you have your floor refinished, you will have the option of choosing a new finish to suit the style and design of your room. This demonstrates the fantastic versatility of this amazing flooring.  

Options can include, matte, semi-gloss, gloss, lacquered, as well as oiled finishes. 

These options require varying levels of maintenance. Please discuss this with us when deciding on the best option for you, taking into consideration the expected use of the room(s). 

The Advantages of Wood Floor Refinishing | Wooden floor specialist applying oil treatment to floor

3. Keeping it in good condition 

Maintenance not only improves the overall beauty of your floor, but it also improves the overall feel too. Removing (where possible) dents, crevices, and nasty splinters from becoming a regular occurrence to you and others.  

Keeping your floors in good condition is essential, so please read our full blog on how to maintain your wood floor, increase its lifespan and prevent damage from happening in the first place.  

4. It doesn’t have to be dusty 

Sanding floors often fills people with dread, not only due to the time it takes but also the dust it leaves behind.   

Thankfully, this is no longer the case. By using the appropriate wood floor refinishing tools and the right company to perform the job, you can look forward to a dust-free wood floor refinishing to be achieved.   

At Sussex Floor Restoration, we use dust extraction technology in our floor sanding machines to achieve a 95% dustless service.  

We will happily discuss this in more detail during the consultation process. 

The Advantages of Wood Floor Refinishing | Floor specialist sanding wooden floor

5. Cost-effective 

The cost of sanding and refinishing wood floors will largely depend on the size of the area requiring refinishing.  

However, when you compare the cost of replacing and refitting this area with something else, such as laminate flooring (which may be less durable than your current parquet or engineered hardwood floors, and will therefore require replacing again), keeping with your current and maintaining it regularly, using a wood flooring refinishing service, is definitely the best option. 

As highlighted above, there are many advantages to restoring your wood floor. However, please remember to seek professional advice throughout the whole process. Whether that be from buying to restoring, as otherwise it could end up being a costly process and you will wish you had done your research thoroughly first. 

The Advantages of Wood Floor Refinishing – Wood floor repair and refinish near me 

If you are based in Sussex and are wondering where to go to refinish wood floors near you, and are seeking advice and assistance, look no further.  

We provide repair and refinishing for households, schools, halls, and gymnasiums to name a few. We provide a trusted service for a wide range of facilities, and requirements to suit our customers’ unique needs.   

Every floor is different, so we provide a bespoke service. This involves an initial survey to assess its overall condition, understand your requirements and answer any questions you may have. We also carry out test patches, so you can get an idea of what the overall outcome will look like. 

To find out more about the advantages of Wood Floor Refinishing, what we can offer, and the different options available to you, please contact us today by emailing, visiting our website, or calling 01444 810505.

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