Sanding Parquet Floors – 5 Benefits

Sanding parquet floors and other Hardwood flooring can on average be completed between 7-10 times before you need to consider replacing it. This of course depends on the thickness of the wood. This equates to a lifespan of around 70 – 100 years, so it really does last a lifetime!

This blog will share the top 5 benefits of wood floor sanding for all hardwood flooring.

1. As Good As New

Once hardwood flooring has been sanded to remove any nooks or indents, it will look as good as new. All signs of wear and tear will have vanished. And thanks to dustless extraction technology, if you use a professional refinishing service like ourselves, it no longer needs to be a messy process. Thanks to our floor sanding machines we can achieve a 98% dustless service.

2. Reduces Allergies

Wooden flooring is a fantastic method for helping to prevent allergies from flaring up. However over time dust and debris can become trapped between floorboards, lifted blocks and also broken seals. By sanding your flooring, having gaps filled and resealing the floor, the smooth surface will prevent dust from becoming ingrained in your floor. 

3. Easier To Clean

As above, if you keep the surface of wooden flooring smooth, it prevents dirt and debris from building up over time. This will make it harder to properly clean your wooden flooring. This over time could cause your floor to not look as clean as you would like it to.

To prevent damage from occurring to your floor in the first place we have created a blog for all your wood floor care and maintenance needs.

4. Improves The Stability Of The Floor

When parquet blocks start to age, they loosen up and can begin to lift over time. This can cause the floorboards to become damaged when moving across them. This can even be from just walking over them. 

When floors are refinished, areas that are damaged will be repaired and refilled. Floorboards will be pushed back into their original position. Sanding will then take place to create a smooth and strong surface that will feel sturdy underfoot.  

5. Prepares The Floor For Finishing

At Sussex Floor Restoration, we would always recommend sanding parquet floors and refilling it properly before applying a finish to it. This will allow the finish to properly penetrate the wood and will help protect the whole structure rather than just the surface. 

Whether you choose to go with oil, lacquer, paint or staining for your refinish, they can often highlight imperfections in the wood even further if the floor hasn’t been sanded already. So we would always recommend not skipping the sanding stage when rejuvenating your wooden flooring.

Sanding Parquet Floors – Wood Floor Sanding Near Me

If you’re based in Sussex and are looking for floor sanding companies near me then you have come to the right place. We provide a full floor sanding and polishing service for both homeowners and commercial premises. This includes gyms, schools, offices, halls etc. 

A full onsite assessment will be completed. The aim being to fix or replace any imperfections to your hardwood, parquet or engineered wood flooring. We will also use our dustless extraction technology to achieve a 98% dustless service when sanding and will also apply a refinish of your choice. 

We are also Parkett Profi Accredited, and provide a 2 year warranty on all work completed.

If you would like to find out more please call us on 01444 810505, or email us at

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