Will dark oak wooden flooring go out of style?

Within this blog, we will explore whether dark oak wooden flooring will likely go out of style, its benefits and how to increase its versatility, so you get a completely new look with the same dark oak hardwood floors.

So let’s first look at the benefits of oak wooden flooring:

  1. Hides dirt and light debris

When choosing between dark oak wooden flooring and light hardwood floors, it is worth considering the marks and debris that will likely be more visible with light wood flooring.

After all, there is a reason why dark wooden flooring is so popular in commercial spaces such as village halls and schools.

At Sussex Floor Restoration, we would advise taking off or wiping your shoes before entering the room(s) with a wooden floor. This will help prevent most of the dirt and debris from being traipsed in and potentially scratching or damaging the solid wood flooring.

For more tips to keep your hardwood or parquet flooring in good condition, please take a look at our blog.

  1. It adds a great contrast to a room

Paired with light, white or cream walls, a dark floor can add a wonderful contrast to any room, and looks great with a range of different furnishings.

The contrast it provides can also be a great choice for showcasing art or particular furniture pieces, allowing them to take centre stage in your home or commercial space.

It’s been a popular choice in many homes and commercial spaces for centuries. Whether you’re looking to create a boho chic, country living, or timeless character enriching look, this can all be achieved with dark oak wooden flooring.

  1. It can add warmth and cosiness to the room

If you’re looking to create a warm and cosy environment in your home, and even a bit of character, dark flooring, whether that be herringbone hardwood flooring or even grey parquet flooring, can achieve this.

This is because a dark floor can envelop a floor and add a certain richness and depth to a room that could not be achieved with light flooring.

  1. Is extremely versatile

Dark oak hardwood flooring can be extremely versatile and will compliment lots of different looks. This allows styles and furnishing to be changed as frequently as the owner so wishes, without having to touch the floor.

This is a great advantage to this type of flooring, as it means it can stay looking great and complement the space for decades to come. It can also be paired with non-slip rugs for hardwood floors, creating a different look entirely.

Although we would not advise covering up your floor, it’s too beautiful to hide!

Is it likely to go out of style?

With all the evidence above, it is very unlikely for this flooring to ever go out of style. There will clearly be floor types and styles that will come and go, but when you consider its versatility, practicality and general popularity, it will always be a firm favourite in homes and commercial spaces.

How to update your wooden flooring

dark oak wooden flooring | dark wood floors in living room

If you are not happy with the current condition or even finish of your flooring and don’t know what you can do about it, contact a wood floor refinishing service, like Sussex Floor Restoration. We will be able to assess the overall condition of your floor and look to change the overall colour and finish of it too. This will allow you to switch to a completely different finish than your current.

If you are based in Sussex and would like to discuss the different options further, please call us on 01444 810505, or email us at info@sussexfloorrestoration.co.uk.

We achieve 98% dustless sanding on all our floors, meaning it no longer needs to be a messy process.

We also offer a 2-year guarantee on all floor restoration works completed by us and are Parkett Profi® registered traders in Sussex.

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