Old Wood Floor Repair: A How-To Guide

If your floors have seen better days, or you are looking to breathe new life into your home, here’s our how-to guide on old wood floor repair.

Having damaged floorboards doesn’t have to mean replacing them entirely. Take a look at the picture below from a job we completed for a client with parquet wood flooring.

Old Floor Wood Repair | Parquet Flooring

As an alternative to floor replacement, refinishing your hardwood floor is cheaper, quicker and more eco-friendly. As trusted flooring professionals, in this blog, we will share with you our tips for repairing old wood floors.

Old Wood Floor Repair – Treating Scratches 

It’s worth knowing the difference between a superficial and a major scratch. The former only penetrates the surface versus the latter where the scratch goes deeper into the wood.

Understanding what scratches your floor has can be the difference between reapplying a layer of coating, or sanding the floor.

Knowing this will make a big difference in which step you take next. We recommend contacting us, a professional floor restoration service.

At Sussex Floor Restoration, we offer a free consultation. This will leave you with a clear understanding of the best steps to get your floor back to its original beauty.

Treating Stains

The day-to-day usage of rooms with hardwood floors can take its toll. Especially in places like the kitchen and bathroom, where water damage and oil-based food stains are likely to develop.

Pictured below is a recent job we completed for the kitchen of a family home. We started by using a planetary sander, allowing us to remove stains and bring the floor back to its original beauty.

Old Floor Wood Repair | Wood Floor Refinished Before and After

In this case, the hardwood floorboards come with a factory UV-cured finish. It had lasted only six years. After sanding, we utilised our 5-step coating process that in comparison, can last 15 years. This layer of coating will protect against future stains and give the floor a new ‘sheen’.

Old Wood Floor Repair – Removing Dents and Deep Cuts

Where chair legs are being moved—even small stones on the bottom of shoes—can create dents in your hardwood floor.

Just like how we treat stains through sanding—we also use a sander to remove dents—which creates an even finish.

Getting Rid Of Gaps

We use specialist sanding machines that collect dust produced when sanding, providing a 98% dust-free process! The dust does not get thrown away, we mix it with filler, then use it to fill in gaps between floorboards to create an even look.

Old Wood Floor Repair: Sussex Floor Restoration

If your floors need some attention, it’s always best to hire a professional instead of attempting the work yourself.

Taking on a project like this can end up being more expensive than leaving it to a professional. Even though DIY projects can be enjoyable, it’s probably wiser to go with a professional in this case.

If you would like to learn more about our approach, call us on 01444 810505, or click here to contact us through our online form.

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