School Hall Flooring Restoration

School hall flooring will have seen a lot of action. Large groups of children sitting on the floor in assemblies, games played, running and jumping, balls being thrown and all sorts of coloured shoe soles running around on it, especially on a primary school hall floor.

The school hall brings back many memories, good (and bad!) and when you walk into a school hall one thing is usually typical, a beautiful wooden floor.

Wooden flooring for school halls is ideal being a softer surface with a bit of bounce for those active children who may be a bit lively. While being resilient, it does need looking after and if this is done properly, the floor will last for decades.

As flooring for school halls get a high level of use, they inevitably require regular maintenance and complete restoration from time to time. Out of the companies that maintain school hall flooring, Sussex Floor Restoration are experts in their field having a wealth of experience and knowledge in maintaining and restoring all types of wooden floors.

School Hall Flooring Restoration

Schools usually have a limited budget meaning the school hall floor is often low on the list of priorities, so if the floor is not looked after it will deteriorate over time and then inevitably require a full restoration.

There are also restricted times when a school hall is unused, such as during the school holidays, which limits the time for any work to be carried out. But we at Sussex Floor Restoration can help!

We advise planning when the work will be undertaken, within your budget and time frame.

Our restoration service will involve a full sanding to remove the previous finish, then application of a sealant and lacquer, leaving the school hall flooring looking like new, ready for the next group of children to use (and abuse!) it.

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School Hall Floor Maintenance

If you maintain your school hall flooring regularly, ideally on an annual basis, it will save the school money. Regular maintenance helps the floor to stay in good condition and negates the need for a full (and costly) restoration.

Doing this on an annual basis is cost-effective, plus as it is a quicker service it’s ideal for the work to be carried out during the shorter school holidays. For example, a maintenance coat can be completed in under a day.

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By maintaining your school hall flooring, you keep your school hall flooring. Nothing is thrown away, saving landfill from filling up more waste and reducing the environmental cost of new flooring. Keeping the original school hall flooring also preserves history and memories, as a school hall will often have had several generations using and enjoying it throughout the years.

Sussex Floor Restoration

To ensure the next generation of children enjoys their school hall flooring please call us on 01444 810505 and one of our friendly team will be able to help advise on maintenance and restoration.

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