Is Cork Flooring Sustainable? 4 Reasons Why It Is.

Cork flooring is a great option if you’re looking for sustainable, eco-friendly flooring that has many great qualities.

Sustainability is becoming more and more important, especially when it comes to homeowners finding environmentally friendly alternatives for their floors, furniture, and everyday essentials.

So, is cork flooring sustainable? Here are 4 reasons why it is, and why it’s a great eco-friendly option for your flooring!

  1. Renewable resource

Firstly, cork flooring comes from the bark of cork trees, which are usually found in Mediterranean regions.

Unlike other flooring options, cork is harvested in such a way that it doesn’t harm the trees! Cork trees naturally regenerate, meaning they allow repeated harvesting every 9-12 years.

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  1. Reduces carbon footprint

Cork flooring is an excellent choice for those who are looking to make eco-friendly decisions. Not only is it a renewable resource, but the cork oak tree is also uniquely beneficial for the environment as it has the ability to store a large amount of carbon dioxide.

This makes cork sustainable and its use aids in the protection of certain habitats.

When the cork is harvested, carbon is trapped in the bark. This means that cork flooring has a much smaller impact on the environment than other types of flooring. By selecting cork, homeowners can play a role in decreasing greenhouse gases and helping to address climate change.

Is cork flooring sustainable | child sitting on cork flooring

  1. Durability and longevity

When maintained and looked after properly, cork can last up to 40 years, making it a great eco-friendly option!

Because it is such a durable material, and very resilient to wear and tear, it’s a great, long-lasting flooring solution.

It’s also very easy to maintain and easy to clean, and with its antimicrobial properties, it stops the growth of bacteria meaning a healthier household!

Cork flooring is very popular with allergy sufferers due to it being naturally resilient to mould and mildew.

  1. Can be refinished

Did you know that cork flooring can be refinished, just like hardwood flooring? Well, we’re here to tell you it can! As long as it’s thicker than 4mm, you can sand, re-stain and apply a new coat.

This means, if you have scratches from chairs, pets, or children, instead of having to replace the whole flooring, we can refinish it!

Why Choose Sussex Sustainable Flooring

Sussex Sustainable Flooring is a new showroom with the ethos that flooring should not just come from a sustainable source, but also have the ability to be refinished, thus reducing waste and cost.

Too many times we have come across floors that we could not save, and the alternatives were either made from plastic or a non-restorable product. We hate throwing things away, especially when things could be restored!

If you want to have a look at the different types of sustainable flooring we have, then book an appointment to visit our showroom via our contact form.

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