How To Repair A Wood Floor

Here at Sussex Floor Restoration, we are passionate about the work we do to restore and repair a wood floor. Read our blog for more info.

Wood floors – beautiful, timeless, practical, sustainable. 

But the very nature of flooring is that it is there to be used, and used a lot! Having a wood floor is a convenient flooring option. Even then, general wear and tear will occur over time, even more so if the flooring is in an area of heavy footfall, such as school halls, hotel receptions or even the humble domestic hallway!

Never fear, wood flooring doesn’t have to be replaced, it can be repaired and restored!

Can wood floors be repaired?

The answer to that is a big yes! Here at Sussex Floor Restoration, we are passionate about the work we do to repair and restore wooden floors. We pride ourselves on rejuvenating tired wooden floors to make them shine and look like new again.

From scratches to water stains, gaps, dents, and cracks, we will fix and repair your wood floor to look brand new!

Repair A Wood Floor | sanding flooring

How to repair scratches on a wood floor

From minor scuffs to deep scratches, we use our professional and 98% dustless floor sanders to fix scratches. By sanding the top layer on hardwood floors, engineered wood floors or parquet flooring, we will remove any scratches to make the floor look like new again.

Deeper scratches and holes take a bit more time but we will take the time and care to repair them. We retrieve all the dust from the sanding process, which will match the existing floor and combine the dust with a special wood filler. We then work our magic in these unsightly dents and holes to make any damage disappear.

Water damage to your wood floor

This is best to be tackled as soon as is noticed. Water damage causes stains and water can cause the floor to expand or rise as well as create gaps and cracks in the floorboards. Our 98% dustless sanding process can remove any stains.

Repair A Wood Floor | old flooring


Any troublesome floorboards that are in poor condition, such as from water spillages or humidity, can be replaced and we use reclaimed wood which is not only environmentally friendly but will match the existing areas of the floor.

Sun faded floor

Although the sun sometimes doesn’t want to make an appearance, when it does, it can cause damage to your floor. Over time, if a floor is in direct sunlight, the sun’s rays may cause the floor to fade.

Read our blog how to revive sun-faded wood floors 

Maintenance and cleaning

Now you’ve repaired your wooden flooring, it is a good idea to keep it properly maintained. The investment of repairing is well worth it as not only do you have a beautiful floor again, you have saved the need to replace the floor, which is a far more sustainable option. 

Read our previous blog about wood floor care and maintenance

Is it worth repairing your wood floor?

Yes! And there are many reasons why. Read our previous blog for more information about restoring a wooden floor.

Wood floor restoration near me

At Sussex Floor Restoration we are the experts in repairing and restoring wooden floors across Sussex. 

To find out more about our services, visit our website or get in touch today to discuss how we could help repair your wood floor at 01444 810505.

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