How To Sand Parquet Flooring

Sanding parquet flooring requires professionals, and we here at Sussex Floor Restoration are here to help.

We have specialist sanding equipment and a refined sanding process to get the best out of your parquet flooring.

We are known in Sussex as the go-to people for parquet floor restoration.

Our 98% Dustless Sanding Process

Yes, you read that right! We have a 98% dustless sanding process, which means you can rest assured your house and belongings won’t be covered in dust when you come home.

It will also prevent any allergies from cropping up, such as asthma or allergies to dust mites.

Wonder what we do with the dust we collect? We use the dust we saved and mix it with a filler specifically designed for restoring hardwood floors.

For more information on our 98% dustless sanding, click here.

Our Sanding Machines

Our professional floor sanding team uses a planetary sander, which is superior to the standard orbital sander or belt sander.

It means we’re able to guarantee an almost (98%) dust-free service too.

Our Process To Revive Your Parquet Flooring

When we arrive on-site, we first fix any loose blocks and also identify any other problems (and fix them).

Sanding is the second step in reviving your parquet flooring. Sanding your floors means we can strip the wood back, removing any scratches or small dents.

This means we can get a perfectly smooth finish, ready for filling the gaps.

Once we’ve made the filler (with the dust we collected from sanding), we apply the filler on our hands and knees.

We then use a trowel to make sure all the nitty-gritty bits are covered.

You then choose your finish from our selection of water-based and oil-based finishes.

We recommend showing you the options of finishes on an inconspicuous area first so you know how it will look when it’s finished.

All our coatings are eco-friendly and all have very low VOC’s so as to protect both our and your health.

Parquet Flooring Maintenance

Once you have your brand-new-looking parquet floor, and we’re both happy with the outcome, we make sure you understand how to keep and maintain the flooring.

We provide you with your own tailored aftercare guide by Pallman – the industry’s leading authority on wood flooring.

For more information read our blog.

Sussex Floor Restoration

As wooden floor sanding experts, we offer a complete set of services to cater to all needs.

We’re able to provide dustless wood floor sanding across West Sussex and East Sussex.

We regularly work in domestic and commercial buildings, helping families and businesses to ensure their floors are in the best condition possible.

Get in contact with Adam and the team today on 01444 810505 or fill out our form here.

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