Different Types of Commercial Wood Flooring

This blog explores the different types of commercial wood flooring used in commercial spaces.

Wooden flooring is used in many commercial spaces such as sports halls, school halls, hotels, offices, cafes, pubs, museums, theatres, and shops. In older buildings, a wooden floor is often a beautiful and unique feature.

There are important considerations when it comes to choosing the best wood flooring for commercial use.

Not only what is the right look for your particular floor, but there are practical considerations such as how much traffic will walk on the floor and whether there are likely to be fluctuations in temperature and moisture.

All of these factors will affect the lifespan and appearance of the floor so exploring the right wooden flooring choice for your commercial area is essential.

Here are the different types of commercial wood flooring.

Commercial engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood is a great choice for commercial spaces. It can be treated and maintained in the same way as a traditional hardwood floor but is usually a cheaper option.

This wooden flooring choice is much like laminate flooring, constructed of multiple layers of wood but has a thin layer of natural wood on top. All these layers are pressed and glued together to form planks.

The natural wood top layer acts as the ‘wear layer’, meaning this top layer can withstand a lot of traffic, ideal for use in commercial areas with a lot of footfall.

Due to its construction, engineered wood is far quicker and easier to install than natural hardwood flooring, ideal when covering a larger commercial space, saving not only money but installation time.

Another win for engineered flooring is unlike laminate, engineered wood floors can be restored, much in the same way as a hardwood floor.

Like all wooden floors, over time there is a certain amount of wear and tear, especially a floor with many people passing over it, so it is certainly worth restoring the engineered floor, also making this a sustainable flooring choice.

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Commercial reclaimed wood flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring is made from old wood retrieved from older buildings/structures, which can be reused for wooden flooring.

An older period property, such as a hotel or a pub, where there is an old wooden floor in existence, may need replacing for various reasons.

Go into an old pub and there is often a wooden floor that has seen a great deal of action, lots of history embedded in the floor, as well as a fair few pints spilt on it!

Installing a brand new wood floor wouldn’t look right but using reclaimed timber, with character generated from its previous use is a way to install an old, but new, beautiful wood floor, in keeping with the rest of the building.

This is where using reclaimed floors offers the perfect solution. It will fit in with the look and feel of your property and is sustainable and cost-effective. Good all round.

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