Hotel Wood Flooring Restoration

In this blog we will run through hotel wood flooring restoration, and our process.

Wood flooring for hotels is a beautiful feature which adds character, especially when the hotel is of a considerable age.

As guests arrive to check into that well-earned breakaway, you want the reception area to look its best and in tip-top condition.

Why have wood flooring in hotels?

Whilst durable, hotel wood flooring contends with a lot of traffic, frequent comings and goings, and luggage being dragged across the floor, generating wear and tear from everyday use.

Communal areas such as the bar, lounge and restaurant are busy thoroughfares taking the brunt of food and drink spillages which produce marks and stains on your hotel wood flooring.

Hotel rooms

Hotel room wood floors are cosy, practical and add character especially if the hotel is from a historical period. You would wish your guests to relax and enjoy their room at its very best and keeping your wood floors in top condition is essential for a comfortable stay.

Hotel Wood Flooring Restoration | putting oil on a wood floor

Hotel wood flooring restoration

Having wood flooring in hotels, especially if it has been laid for some time, may mean from time to time the floors need some care and attention.

Sussex Floor Restoration will clean, restore and repair all types of different hotel wood flooring surfaces from parquet to solid wood and engineered wood, removing any crevices and splinters and if necessary, replacing parts of the floor matching the wood using a suitable species, dimensions and finish.

Imagine a traditional older hotel with its original wood floors, such as parquet, which can be a beautiful and a unique period feature. Over time, this may deteriorate and need some restoration to bring your hotel wood flooring back to its former glory to be like new again.

You wouldn’t want a hotel guest to stand on a splinter or trip over an uneven floor during their stay! See our case study – period floor restoration

We are also very environmentally conscious and we firmly believe it’s better to restore a wood floor rather than throw it away.

See our previous blog about restoring wooden floors. Guests can experience a part of history as some wood floors in hotels will be of significant age. Who else would have walked across those wooden floors?

Minimal dust

We can sand your existing hotel wood flooring with minimal dust, in fact, we offer a 98% dustless service so there would be minimal disruption to guests, and we can work around a suitable time in which to do any work required.

After all, people come to stay in a hotel for a relaxing breakaway and don’t want to encounter work being carried out! See our blog – dustless wood floor sanding


We also maintain your hotel wood floors to keep them in good condition by professionally cleaning and polishing them.

When having a night away or even just a special evening dinner at a hotel, guests will be there to relax and enjoy beautiful, well-maintained and clean surroundings.

Sussex Floor Restoration for hotel wood flooring

If you need help restoring or repairing your hotel wood floors, please call us on 01444 810505 and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.

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