A Guide to Cleaning Sports Hall Floors

In this blog, we will provide you with our guide on cleaning sports hall floors, ensuring they remain in excellent shape for years of active enjoyment!

Sports halls or gyms accommodate intense physical activities, which inevitably results in wear and tear on the flooring. 

Sports hall flooring is subject to heavy foot traffic, spills, and dirt meaning regular cleaning and maintenance is essential to create a clean and safe environment for athletes and visitors.

Proper cleaning of sports floors not only enhances the overall appearance but also ensures the longevity of the flooring. Cleaning and restoring wooden floors is far more sustainable than a new replacement floor, something we at Sussex Floor Restoration are passionate about.

The Importance of Sports Hall Floor Maintenance

Professionally maintaining a sports hall floor on a regular basis has many benefits:

  • Prolongs the lifespan of the flooring
  • Minimises the risk of accidents due to slippery surfaces 
  • Enhances the appearance to look like new
  • Preserves the integrity of the playing surface 
  • Minimises the necessity for expensive repairs or floor replacements over time

How To Prepare The Sports Hall Floor For Cleaning

Firstly, the sports hall needs to be cleared of any obstacles or equipment. 

You will then have a nice clear area to effectively clean the flooring and also to reach all areas of the space.

After any cleaning has taken place, a nice empty sports hall is also the perfect way to admire the newly cleaned floor!

Using The Right Sports Hall Floor Cleaner

Having the right equipment is essential for floor cleaning to be done efficiently and properly. 

We suggest using PALLMANN CLEAN & GO system (we are Parkett Profi accredited floor technicians).

Dilute the PALLMANN CLEAN at a dilution ratio of 50 parts warm water to 1 part CLEAN, using a damp, well-wrung out mop. Ensure it is well-wrung and not excessively wet. Excess moisture can seep into the wood and cause damage.

For more information on how to effectively clean wooden floorboards, read our other blog here.

Using the right equipment and products for sports halls will ensure your flooring remains clean and safe from dirt and spills which could potentially cause injury.

Sports Hall Floor Protection – Regular Cleaning And Maintenance

Regular cleaning and correct maintenance greatly help in preserving the floors of sports halls. As many sports or gym floors are constructed from wood, they may be susceptible to damage, especially when sports activity is inflicted on their surface.

It is important to establish a routine cleaning schedule. We recommend cleaning your sports annually to keep your floor in good condition. Our annual floor maintenance package is a cost-effective solution to ensure your sports hall floor is always ready for action!

It is important to promptly address any damage that may arise, such as cracks, chips, or loose flooring. If you discover any of these issues, call us at Sussex Flooring Restoration and we will advise on how to carry out any repairs.

We use professional sanding machines to repair and restore floors. Our equipment will effectively sand the floors and can be used to cover extensive spaces like a gymnasium in a school.

We use a dustless sanding floor service on different types of surfaces and are also Parkett Profi accredited floor technicians, ensuring our clients receive the very best service, as well as not being overwhelmed by dust!

We use the right finishes for the type of flooring your sports hall may have. Many halls require a coat of lacquer to be applied and some hall floors may need an oil finish.

Many sport halls floors are found in places such as schools which are in constant use meaning there are limited times for any maintenance to be carried out. We advise booking well in advance to ensure your floor is kept in top condition. 

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Cleaning Sports Hall Floors – Sussex Floor Restoration

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